Free Christian TV Channels Online 24/7 with GOD TV | God TV

Free Christian TV Channels Online 24/7 with GOD TV

Using the World Wide Web to share the message of Christ with the others

Free Christian TV Channels Online 24/7 with GOD TV
Free Christian TV Channels Online 24/7 with GOD TV

Never has spreading the Gospel of Christ been easier than it is today. With the advancement of technology, we have the opportunity to share scripture with all corners of the globe. The internet has opened doors that would otherwise be shut tight. And thanks to websites like GOD TV, people everywhere have access to free Christian TV channels online.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And, behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20)

Scheduled Programming

GOD TV provides 24/7 free Christian TV programming to all with an internet connection. There are several facets of ministry available to viewers. We provide encouraging blogs, challenging Vlog messages, and deliver a true spiritual message through prayer, worship, and community.

We aim to reach the ends of the earth with the Gospel, and desire for everyone to have the opportunity to hear and respond to God’s calling. Through free Christian TV channels online, homes across the world are being impacted for the cause of Christ.

Free Christian TV Live

Let’s begin with our live channels. We have five channels that share His Word Live 24/7. The five channels are region based. They include:

Each channel has targeted programs for viewers in those countries. It is amazing how universal the Message of Christ is. It resonates in the hearts and lives of viewers everywhere.

If you do not live in the above countries, that does not mean you are left out of the mix. You can watch free Christian TV through our LIVE stream on the website and through our FREE apps!

free Christian TV channels online

Prayer Room

One of my favorite free Christian TV channels online is The International House of Prayer Kansas City’s 24 hour Prayer Room. GOD TV airs this 24/7. It consists of a live worship sets giving you a prayerful atmosphere praising the Lord for who He is, what He has done, and all He is going to do in and through our lives.

In addition to the live Prayer Room, we love to stand beside others in prayer. We have a request form where viewers can submit their prayer needs and share their testimonies to answered prayer and what God has taught them through the ministries GOD TV provides.

On-Demand Programming

This is the bulk of what we have to offer. All programs can be watched anytime from anywhere. Free Christian TV for all!

          • Ministries – programming from ministers like Creflo Dollar, Joyce Myer, Hillsong Church, and Kenneth Copeland.
          • Featured – highlighted programming.
          • Israel – targeted messages for Israel and Middle East culture.
          • Revival – news and updates on current revival occurring across the world.
          • GOD TV Originals – updates, news, and programming from GOD TV ministers.
          • Family – encouraging messages for parents and families.
          • Series – When one of the above conducts a string of messages on a topic, it is called a series. Many ministers will take a passage of scripture, or biblical concept and break it down into smaller parts. There are many here. It includes the majority of free Christian TV channels online content.
          • Conferences – updates on occurring or up and coming events.
          • Documentaries – stories about ministries and how they impact the world through the message of Christ.

Other Resources

If you have a heart’s desire to learn about God and his love for us, there are free Christian TV channels online for you. GOD TV also provides News information on current events that impact our country from a spiritual point of view. Most are blog driven, but there are a few videos available as well.

GOD TV is a primarily donor-funded ministry. We rely on the support of viewers and organizations that are called to the spreading of the Gospel. If you desire to give, you can donate anytime on a one-time or monthly basis. Your donation will be used to help provide free Christian TV to those who have yet to hear the inspiring message, encourage those of us in our journey, and to empower those who deliver His message to the world.

Be sure to download the GOD TV app for all your devices for free 24/7 access to our LIVE stream, worship, documentaries, original programming and more!

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free Christian TV channels online free Christian TV channels online Watch GOD TV

Written by Jeff Bray

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