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Be Yourself In Christ, Time To Walk In Your Freedom!

You are free to be yourself...says God.

Be Yourself In Christ, Time To Walk In Your Freedom!
Be Yourself In Christ, Time To Walk In Your Freedom!

You really are free to be yourself and become the “you” that God created. It’s time to break out!

Be Yourself: Don’t be deceived

*Comparison is the thief of joy – so stop trying to be like somebody else!

*Performing to gain the approval of others is both exhausting and unfulfilling.

*Obligation and duty usually lead to a miserable existence and living under oppression.

*Fear of not meeting the expectations of others is crippling and drains life.

*Being controlled or manipulated by another is toxic and crushing.

*Living with shame is debilitating and corrosive.

To summarize, the statements above are the antithesis of the life that Jesus died to give us.

God’s solution is already in place

If you recognise even a little bit of any of those elements I can say confidently that freedom from these things is indeed a gift that is yours to accept. And Jesus has already freely provided what is needed  – it is simply for us to take (in faith) what He offers. He won’t impose it on us but instead, He asks for collaboration from us.

The Trinity

Father God’s heart longs that you would be secure and happy being the person He created you to be.                                                                                              Jesus invites you to live in the freedom of being led by the Holy Spirit instead of following current fads, trends or teachings. Holy Spirit asks you to step out from under what’s “expected of you” and enjoy letting Him be the one who leads you. You are free to do what is best for you and those whom you love, so long as it honours God.   

Be Yourself: You are safe with Him

In summary, you are free to be the “self” God created.

He wants to reveal Himself and His truth directly to you, for yourself and for your freedom. Others may try to convince you that their way of living is best. Whilst that may be true for them, He doesn’t want you to blindly follow others. God wants you to stay close to Him and learn the ways of His heart and His kingdom. He made you unique and He wants you to be comfortable in that uniqueness.


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