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From College Drop Out to Christian Hip-Hop’s Rising Star

Faith, Love, and Scrubbing Toilets

From College Drop Out to Christian Hip-Hop’s Rising Star
From College Drop Out to Christian Hip-Hop’s Rising Star

On April 9, 2021, mental health advocate and media personality Trevor Tyson of Trevor Talks sat down with rising star Hulvey to discuss his rise to fame.

The twenty-two-year-old Brunswick, Georgia native, takes us on his journey of “spiritual maturity” on this week’s episode of Trevor Talks and his balancing of love, faith, and music.

Though his dream of music wasn’t fully received, Hulvey shares that he did have people rooting for him. The newly engaged artist debuted his EP BRKNHRT in 2020 and immediately garnered national praise. Music platform, PANDORA, named him as the “Christian Artist to Watch in 2020”.

Rising Star: Building the Kingdom

Hulvey, whose work can be heard on VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop and ABC’s hit show “The Rookie,” says that even though he is busy, it’s a good type of dynamic. He says that, for him, building the kingdom and getting to share his testimony over and over is a blessing.

The Reach Records artist, who once worked at Publix, says, “Scrubbing toilets taught me a lot, though. I got a lot of character building from that. Like, bro, it taught me how to worship God, like how to worship God.”

Surrendering to God

Shortly after the release of his album, the pandemic hit. Hulvey found himself secluded in his bedroom, like the rest of the world, from his friends and family. It was then that he faced his insecurities and fears head-on and surrendered to God. From that raw and honest place of deliverance and victory, a new body of work was born.

“My name, Christopher, means ‘Christ-bearer, and I feel like that’s what this album is, a Christ-bearer on display.”

“Life is not a cakewalk. Music is only one thirty-fourth of the life I live,” Hulvey tells Trevor.

His album, Christopher, is available everywhere NOW!
Listen to this full episode of Trevor Talks here.
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