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From History to Hope: What Does God Sound Like?

Learn the secrets of recognizing God's voice and sharing an ongoing conversation with Him!

From History to Hope: What Does God Sound Like?
From History to Hope: What Does God Sound Like?

What does God sound like?

Now that, my friends, is a fascinating question. Think on it for just a moment.

Here are some of the answers I get when I ask this question, (based on my new book and Masterclass eCourse called LOVE SPEAKS,


“Still, Small Voice!”

“The voice of many waters!”



Now, while these are all good answers, none of them accurately depicts the true and authentic voice of God.

So, what DOES God sound like?

Tune in to my sixth episode in the exciting documentary film series From History To Hope.

You will learn exciting stories from some Roman Catholics of the 17th Century right on up to modern day with leaders like Mike Bickle of the International House of Prayer, Kansas City (IHOP KC).

Episode 6, “What Does God Sound Like?” airs Friday, January 17th, at 21:00 GMT (London/UK) and 9:00 p.m. (Eastern USA) on GOD TV.

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Here’s the Promo,

Experiencing God In Prayer

For this episode I first travel to 17th Century France to share quotes from two of the Roman Catholic world’s greatest authorities on hearing the voice of God in prayer.

Their names were Francois Fenelon and Madame Guyon.

Early in my development as a Christian, my mentor suggested I read some of the French “mystics” (as they were known), and these two really spoke to me.

Francois Fenelon & Madame Guyon answer, "What Does God Sound Like?"
Francois Fenelon & Madame Guyon


They were revolutionaries of their day, and “without honor” from many leaders. Yet many more came to France and sat at their feet to hear their teachings on experiencing the Holy Spirit in prayer.

In fact, reading their writings today give us relevant insights into hearing the voice of God and actually having a conversation with God on an ongoing basis.

Have you ever heard the term, “contemplative prayer”? If so, these Catholics were some of the first to engage in it.

So, this still sounds a little revolutionary, right?

“Be silent, and LISTEN to God” said Fenelon, “we must recognize that God speaks constantly within us.”

What Does God Sound Like?

The answer, as you will hear it in this episode from multiple current leaders around the UK including Alan Scotland, Dominick O’Byrne, Brian Halliwell, Rev. Mairisine Stanfield, and Eric Delve, and from Mike Bickle, Director of IHOP KC, is,

“He sounds LIKE YOU!”

That’s right!

And you can enjoy a real ongoing dialogue with God on a continual basis as you learn “how” He sounds in your mind and thought life.

To define this better, you are probably having whole conversations with God every week, but perhaps not recognizing it.

He is originating either single thoughts or floods of thoughts from within your redeemed human spirit and flowing out your mind!

Simple, right?

And I define this as, “The Inner Voice of the Holy Spirit” and I write about it in my book Love Speaks and teach it in my new Love Speaks Masterclass (available now on the GOD TV eLearning Platform).

He Sounds Like YOU!

Also included in this episode are 2 of the most intriguing “conversations with God.”

First, Mike Bickle of IHOP KC shares of his encounter with the LORD in Cairo, Egypt in 1982 where the Spirit spoke.

God said,

“I, the LORD, am going to change the understanding and expression of Christianity in the whole earth in one generation.”

On Set with Mike and Carl who answers, "What Does God Sound Like?"
On Set with Mike and Carl


Second, you will also meet English evangelist Eric Delve (one of the U.K.’s forerunners of modern evangelism).

He shares of a most remarkable conversation he had with God in his car. The conversation revolutionized his understanding of God’s love, voice and ongoing presence with us.

Thus, in case you are wondering what God actually sounds like, He sounds like YOU!

“Simply listen, and be attentive to God,” wrote Madame Guyon in the 17th Century, “who will communicate His love to you. O Father of Heaven, draw us, draw us ever closer to You by the power of your sweet Holy Spirit, Amen!”

Tune in Friday evening, at 9 p.m. GMT London/Eastern USA live on GOD TV to watch my new Episode in FROM HISTORY TO HOPE.

Visit the GOD TV eLearning Platform to learn more about this teaching and many other ways to recognize God’s voice. All found in the brand new Love Speaks Masterclass eCourse, being offered at a special discount rate today just for you!

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