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From Our Family To Yours – God Can Bring In Your Unsaved Loved Ones

Join our CEO Ward Simpson on this episode of Today With Ward as he shares family time together with the GOD TV family. Meet Sir Kyffin and Lady Roberta Simpson aka Ward’s mom and dad who prayed him into God’s Kingdom.

The message is clear – there is nothing more important than family and God wants families to be together as we serve Him. If you have an unsaved loved one or a prodigal son or daughter, there is hope… Watch and be inspired as you hear Ward’s testimony and how his parents never gave up on him.

Lady Roberta Simpson shares about growing up as a young Jewish girl in war-torn London during World War 2 and how she cried out to God during the frequent bombings. Hear how God supernaturally preserved her life and how she found out that God is real. Also, how she cried out to God, as a mother, praying for her children and how you can too. “I was determined that the devil was not going to have my children,” she says, sharing a word of reassurance God gave her from Isaiah.

Sir Kyffin started his business with nothing but has seen God’s blessing, from supermarket supervisor, to owning his first gas station to a chain of gas stations, oil companies and car dealerships. Hear how he learnt to trust God and the importance of having a generous heart. Kyffin doesn’t believe in retirement and both he and his wife continue to be productive for God’s Kingdom despite their age. You may feel you can’t do anything, but you can pray,” says Roberta.

If you are struggling in your family, you’ll be encouraged watching this episode of Today with Ward. Join Ward and his parents as they call prodigals home.




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