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From Prison To Presence: Becoming Free in Jesus

Breaking Out Of Systems Into Freedom

From Prison To Presence: Becoming Free in Jesus
From Prison To Presence: Becoming Free in Jesus

Many of us find ourselves locked in a prison by the system we are bound by. This could be the family system, work system, political system, or church. We are all part of the various systems that keep us imprisoned. More than these external systems are internal systems that also keep us imprisoned. We are imprisoned by our beliefs, thought patterns, perceptions, emotions, and spirits.

How does one navigate through all these systems and still enjoy freedom? There is no easy answer as we all need to navigate through these the best way we can. However, Christ has given us a way out in Him. His way is for us to distance ourselves from these systems and be united with Him. He is above systems. He brings us to heavenly realms where we operate above the systems of this world.

Becoming Free In Jesus

Jesus came to show us the way out of these worldly systems. A world system like the monetary system keeps us bound to debt. We are never free from it until we die. When we surrender all to Jesus He takes over and sets us free from each world system. He now becomes our Provider in all areas of our life. We can now rest in Him.

Jesus helps us in our weakness and provides strength to navigate through our many trials and temptations. He gives us a destiny and hope as we live in His presence. He seats us in heavenly places (Eph. 2:6) where rust and rot cannot assail us. We are free knowing that, whatever happens, He is with us all the way. He promises never to leave us or forsake us. He promises us eternal life where all our past is washed away. Now, all we have is a present and a future secured in Him.


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