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From A Sex Addict To Lover Of Jesus

From A Sex Addict To Lover Of Jesus
From A Sex Addict To Lover Of Jesus

A man who sought validation and acceptance through sex and lust encountered the love of God and became a man after God’s own heart.

Sex Addict

At 12 years old, Preston Perry had his first sexual encounter at his grandmother’s home with a 14-year-old girl who was there.

Sex addict finds freedom in Jesus
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“Thought this lust was love, the way her hands caressed my immature body as if I were valuable,” he said.

Since then that day, Preston became a prisoner of sin for many years. The pressure in his community where he grew up also added to the lifestyle that became an addiction.

“In order to be a man, we have to conquer as much women as possible. That first experience let me know like I’m a man, that I’m accepted by my culture,” he explained. “it did something for who I thought I needed to be as a person. It made me feel wanted, like somebody finally sees me.”

Like A Drug, A Quick Fix

But all the while trying to fit into the culture, Preston admitted that it secretly created deep insecurity inside himself. As years went by, it grew out of control, and he became addicted to sex.

Sex became a drug for him that consumed the teenage boy’s life – so much that he would starve himself if he couldn’t have sex. Deep inside his soul, Preston knew he deserved God’s punishment for everything he was doing. He felt hopeless that he would never be free and sex became his quick fix.

But one day at 16 years old, he heard the Gospel for the first time. God began to change his heart even when he tried to resist. And what happened next made him a man no longer addicted to sex but to Jesus. Watch the video below to hear his powerful testimony!

YouTube | 700 Club Interactive

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