Gazan Terrorists Launch Multiple Rockets At Israel; Several Injured | God TV

Gazan Terrorists Launch Multiple Rockets At Israel; Several Injured

Gazan Terrorists Launch Multiple Rockets At Israel; Several Injured
Gazan Terrorists Launch Multiple Rockets At Israel; Several Injured

Gaza-based terrorists on Tuesday night fired several barrages of rockets at southern Israel, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Washington signing a peace treaty with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain.

In the first barrage, one rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system and another exploded inside the city of Ashdod, injuring seven people.

A man in his 60s sustained moderate to severe injuries. He was on his way to distribute food to needy families. During the night his situation deteriorated and he is suffering from a multi-systemic injury. He is anesthetized and is being treated in the intensive care unit. His condition is now defined as severe but not life-threatening.

Another four were lightly injured by shrapnel including a pregnant woman, and two suffered from anxiety.

In response, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) struck 10 Hamas targets in Gaza, including a weapons and explosives factory and a military compound used for training and rocket firing experiments.

“We will continue to operate against any attempts to attack Israel,” the IDF stated.

Terrorists continued to launch several barrages of rockets at Israel. Of the 13 launched at Israel, eight were intercepted by the Iron dome system.

Responding to attacks on his city, Sderot’s Mayor Alon Davidi “congratulated the State of Israel on peace with the Emirates and Bahrain, a new era has opened. But on the other hand, is it not strange to you as a country that the only terrorist killed in Gaza because of rocket fire in the last two years was the one shooting at Bibi [Netanyahu] in Ashdod?”

Terrorists launched a rocket on Ashdod while Netanyahu was in the city for his election campaign. The commander responsible for the attack was later eliminated.

“Congratulations Bibi on peace, but what about the lives of the children of Sderot and the Gaza Strip? Don’t they deserve to sleep as quietly as everyone else?” Davidi demanded.

Former Defense Minister Member of Knesset (MK) Naftali Bennett visited the site where the rocket hit in Ashdod.

“A great miracle happened here tonight. The distance from here to a great disaster that would have led us to war was very short,” he stated.

“Long years of the loss of deterrence have led us to this situation but I do not want the residents of the south to despair and think it is fate. It will not be easy, but a different reality can be created here,” he said.

These attacks are apparently Gaza’s response to the peace treaties signed at the White House, and come just weeks after Israel and Hamas agreed on a ceasefire.

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