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George Floyd’s Emotional Farewell Service

George Floyd’s Emotional Farewell Service
George Floyd’s Emotional Farewell Service

On George Floyd’s farewell service, grieving family members emotionally shared memories of the humble man, remembering him as a “Superman” in life.

On Tuesday, the late George Floyd was finally laid on his resting place. His farewell service was held inside Fountain of Praise Church in Houston, Texas. Hundreds came, including politicians, wearing masks, came to bid their final goodbyes. And an emotional farewell filled the room when family members gave a memoriam speech for George.

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Farewell Service Speeches

One of George’s younger brothers broke in tears as he gave his speech.

“I just want to say, I’m gonna miss my brother a whole lot,” he said. “I just want to say to him, I love you and I thank God for giving me my own personal Superman.”

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Also, the family shared glimpses of their pain and the sleepless nights and tears they shed on George’s passing. They expressed about the kind of man they lost.

The Niece

“My uncle was a father, brother, uncle, and a cousin to many; spiritually grounded, an activist. He always moved people with his words,” expressed Brooke Williams, George’s niece.

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Moreover, she decried racism while trying to honor her uncle too. Then she shared her happy memories with her uncle.

“I share happy memories with my uncle and that’s all I have … memories. I still can’t pull myself together to how he call out my grandma’s name. I believe my grandmother was right there with open arms saying, ‘Come home, baby. You shouldn’t feel this pain. No one should feel this pain.’”

Further, Brooke shared one particular memory with him where he would scratch her head after long workdays and encourages her.

“He always told me: ‘Baby girl, you’re going to go so far with that beautiful smile and that brain of yours,” she recalled.

Brooke then wrapped up her memories quoting Tupac Shakur and calling out for change in America.

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Philonise Floyd

Another younger brother, Philonise Floyd, revealed in his speech his struggle after his brother’s death.

“I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about my brother a lot because I couldn’t believe it at first, but I see it now. All I think about is when he was yelling for mama. And I know how mama is. She just right there. She got her hands wide open: ‘Come here, baby.’ Every mama felt that,” described Philonise.

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“But when he yelled, ‘Please! Please! I can’t breathe,’ I stopped wearing ties. I don’t wanna wear a tie no more because I wanna be able to breathe.” He pointed out, “I went to memorials, no tie.”

Then he added, “My mom, if she was here today, I honestly can say this, that she will be on that casket right now trying to get in there with him. She’s a real mom. A real mom. She’s not gonna separate from anybody. She’s just like animals. They cling to their mom.”

Older Brother

One of the 46-year-old’s older brothers recalled how George was a strong athlete as well. He remarked how George looked out for others in the community.

“If you knew him, a ghetto angel, a ghetto angel, a brother. You know you hate evil but you love good and what my brother was, my little bro was good. You can’t slam his name with me.”

He told mourners, “You can’t talk bad about him to me, as I knew him. I ask you [to] fight for my brother. Help me fight for my brother. Help the family fight for my brother.”

End Of Farewell Service

After the memoriam speeches from family members, spirited praise and worship punctuated the homegoing service.

Source: The Christian Post

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