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Georgia Quarterback Jake Fromm Brings Reporter To Tears

"It's the Holy Spirit in me."

Georgia Quarterback Jake Fromm Brings Reporter To Tears
Georgia Quarterback Jake Fromm Brings Reporter To Tears

Year 2019 is gone and a new year – and decade! – has begun. A lot of people make resolutions to better themselves, achieve personal goals, try new things, etc. But for the Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm, his goal for 2020 is to lead people to Jesus.

On December 31, 2019 ESPN’s Holly Rowe posted on Twitter her recent interview with Jake. And she did not expect what she heard from him.

An Interview With Jake Fromm

Holly asked Jake Fromm about the team’s perspective of others skipping the game in order to prepare for the NFL draft. And Jake replied in support of his colleagues and teammates.

“We have a ton of [young] guys – this is their opportunity. They’re ready to go out and play. They’re gonna play great,” he said.

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Jake’s optimism impressed Holly. And she commended him, “You’re literally the world’s most positive person. You walk in and I feel good, positive energy.”

Then she curiously asked, “Why are you like that?”

Jake Fromm

Revealing Who is in Him

“It’s the Holy Spirit in me. I’m trying to live out the most godly life I can do. I’m trying to influence others and hope they can see Christ in me,” he told Holly with a big smile on his face.

Jake’s sincere response unexpectedly brought the reporter to tears. She then further asked if there was any goal he had in mind for the New Year.

He said, “Influence others, lead people to Jesus.”

Holly Rowe wrote on Twitter,  “For the New Year, let’s all be a shining light in this world like @FrommJake. Honestly brought me to tears today with his positive, lovely spirit.  Many blessings to this young man. @GeorgiaFootball should be so proud to have him leading this team.”

God is raising another child of His to be an influencers for the Kingdom. To God be the glory!

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