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Get 7 Days Of FREE Access To God Today!

Get 7 Days Of FREE Access To God Today!
Get 7 Days Of FREE Access To God Today!

It is so important to start the day off in God’s presence. The reason it’s important to start each morning with the Lord is not to check something off our list. Instead it’s because we shouldn’t want to start our day without Him.

We know life can get chaotic and a little difficult to set aside time every day to get in His Word. You have to get your kids ready, make breakfast, go to the gym, and get ready for you day. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to make time for the most important relationship we have.

GOD Today sees you and has a solution for you!

God Today

Start Your Day Off Right

Get exclusive 3-5 minute teachings every day. The best part is that you watch it while you’re making coffee, putting on make-up, making your bed, or taking five minutes to sit before the Lord on your living room couch.

This is a special opportunity to be a part of something new and fresh that God is doing. Join our community of fellow believers and grow closer to God daily. You’ll receive daily encouragement from speakers like Bill Johnson, Patricia King, Lou Engle, and many more.

We don’t want to add another thing to your to-do list. But, we do want to sow into your spiritual growth. We’re here to come alongside you to bring you fresh content and encouraging messages that are easy to listen to on the go or in your quiet time.

Remember, God Today’s daily video teachings are NOT available anywhere else!



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