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Get Bible Revelation With The God TV Website

Bible Tools that will help you dive deeper.

Get Bible Revelation With The God TV Website
Get Bible Revelation With The God TV Website

The Bible is a simple yet simultaneously complex book. It holds such a holy revelation with the ability to dive deeper and deeper each time we read it. God hides in His Word for us to find Him and be transformed as we seek His truth. Every time we read the Word; we have the opportunity to walk away a new person. God’s word convicts, confronts, inspires, and leads us into all truth. The God tv website has so many resources and Bible tools to lead you into God’s truth. It can be overwhelming to choose what to read, but with the God TV website, there are trustworthy and spirit-filled resources to help you dig in. 

How to Read the Word

Have you ever thought of the great sacrifice of the saints who wrote the Bible? And we are blessed to get straight access to it. What a gift it is to have the Bible in our hands today with so many translations. One of the best ways to read the Word of God is to read it as the Spirit leads you, not in your human mindset. Invite the Holy Spirit to read your heart as you study.

Sometimes that looks like repentance as God shows you the truth. It also means turning to prayer as your authority in God is strengthened through the scripture. As you read God’s Word (in your Bible or on the GOD TV website) with an open heart, He will not disappoint you. But rather, He will bring you comfort and gentle conviction. Darkness will flee and your heart will learn to trust in God’s voice for your life. As you dedicate yourself to reading and meditating on the Word day and night – like Joshua 1 mentions – watch as situations around you change and you begin to receive God-given solutions and strength.

“This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth; but you shall meditate therein day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall have good success.” (Joshua 1:8)

GOD TV Website: Insight from Mature Believers

I believe it’s so vital that we encourage one another in the faith as brothers and sisters in Christ. If you are seeking more insight into the Word of God, get guidance from the God TV website. Find mature leaders who know and have tested the Word with diligence and integrity. Hear from mature spiritual leaders like Bill Johnson, Patricia King, Kris Vallotton, and Heidi and Roland Baker. You can find all of these teachers with helpful e-courses by clicking on the e-course tab on the God TV website! Learn the Bible through powerful teachings including “Living from the Presence,” “God is Good,” and “Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry.” 

GOD TV Website: Try A New Bible Tool

No matter how long you have been studying the Bible, we all feel stuck at times. If you feel like you’re not understanding the Bible try a new Bible tool. Try doing a word study and look up more in-depth meanings of specific words. You can do this by using a Bible concordance. In addition, try asking God for a specific passage and learn about the context of that passage by using a good commentary! Another beneficial way to study God’s word is by comparing and reading more than one translation at a time. If you are used to only reading NIV, try the KJV and Amplified Bible. Another popular translation used today is the Passion Translation!

If you need more resources on how to start diving into the Word today, the God TV website has multiple blogs that can be a great benefit to you. Check out our other blogs such as Study Bible: How to Choose the Right One  and Bible Study Tools-The Bible In One Year On YouVersion.

Never underestimate the power of reading the Word of God, it’s life to our bones! John 6:63 says, “The Spirit gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.” The word of God will change you from the inside out and give you the keys to truly live the life God has destined for you. 


This article was written by Monique Santiago.


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