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Get The Newest GOD TV Mobile Wallpapers

Get The Newest GOD TV Mobile Wallpapers
Get The Newest GOD TV Mobile Wallpapers

GOD TV exists to use media in all its forms to broadcast the Father’s heart to every nation, to reach the lost and equip believers for the harvest. We’ve come up with a simple, yet creative way to help equip you to share the Good News through our new GOD TV mobile wallpapers.

We know we can’t do this alone.  That’s why we need media missionaries, like yourself, to help us use media to spread the Gospel.

Get Your GOD TV Mobile Wallpapers!

On your mobile device, tap and hold the wallpaper to open it. Choose Save Image. The wallpaper will be saved to your device. Set the image as your wallpaper lock screen and/or background.

For more information on downloads – iphone | Android.

More ways to be a GOD TV Media Missionary

Become a GOD TV Contributor.

At GOD TV we believe that the future of Christian media is online. We are working to be a leader in the innovation and development of new media and technology that glorifies God and impacts the world on a global scale.

The GOD TV blog is not about just one person or ministry. It is about advancing the Kingdom of God globally. The more content contributors we partner with, the more we will be able to reach a global audience with the truth of Jesus.

Submit an article to become a GOD TV Contributor here.

Support GOD TV Financially.

Partner with GOD TV to reach people wherever they are and on whatever device they are using, touching lives with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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