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Getting Real

Why Maverick City's 'Jireh' made me cry...

Getting Real
Getting Real

Over a month ago, June 7th,  I spent the morning crying and sobbing in my car while out running errands. Why, because it had been the most Monday-est Monday ever, even though it had, but because Jesus reminded me that everything I am worried about is nothing compared to Him.

Let Me Explain.

The year twenty-twenty-one has not been great. It’s been filled with a lot of personal battles with a side of my aunt’s breast cancer diagnosis. Monday’s are never easy, not usually, and this particular Monday had to be one of the worst. Upset and overwhelmed with everything going on, I turned to, “let’s just try to keep busy.”

While out running errands, radio blasting to drown out the noise of anxious thoughts, Maverick City’s ‘Jireh’ began to play. And through that song, I could hear Jesus reminding me that He is enough. Cory Asbury’s ‘Sparrows’ played too, reminding me the He STILL provides. I have no reason to worry.

He quite frankly said, “Emily. It is okay. It is okay to be upset and overwhelmed by the weight of this world but I am here. I am still here. I never left you and I never will. We will get through this.” You see, the Lord is always there. He will take you through it, around it, and out of it. And He will be there the whole time.

I am a Child.

While driving and sobbing like a child, my cell phone pinged with a notification from YouTube. The LIVE version of Dante Bowe’s ‘Joyful’, a song I have only recently discovered, had been uploaded onto the video platform. Disney is the happiest place on earth and Joyful by Dante Bowe is the happiest song on the planet.

And don’t even get me started on my Bible Study that morning! I read in Zephaniah 3:9-20. Everything, from song to Scripture reminded me that no matter how much I worry, Jesus is enough. He is the provider. He rejoices with us. The Lord wants us to rejoice continually. He is among us and delights in us. The Lord our God is for us, unshaken by our sinful nature. Our God is living and He is active. He makes something beautiful out of nothing. He turns our graves into gardens and calls up the dry bones and makes them armies.

So yeah, maybe I am a grown adult crying in my car at 11 am. But I am also a grown adult crying in my car at 11 am who is dearly loved and who has God who is consistently present in my life and that is my hope. My living hope is Jesus.


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