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Girl Who Couldn’t Walk Completely Healed By God

Girl Who Couldn’t Walk Completely Healed By God
Girl Who Couldn’t Walk Completely Healed By God

Markie Braly is from Medford, Oregon. She was battling with a neurological disease called Guillain-Barre Syndrome that caused her to be in a wheelchair for the past one and a half years. It’s a disease in which your immune system eats away parts of your nervous system. She was paralyzed from the waist down and had a very limited energy.

One Saturday morning, she and her husband went to coffee in Ashland, Oregon. And as they are leaving the coffee shop, a girl followed them saying, “hi, my name is Jessica. I’m learning how to hear God’s voice, and I would really like to pray for you.”

The girl had just been reading a book in the coffee shop and in the book, there was a woman who was healed. Then the Holy Spirit fell on her. While she was praying for Markie, Markie’s right leg started involuntarily convulsing and contracting.

When they went to their truck, her left leg started contracting violently and had further to go to heal. She felt like her muscle hurt and her nerves were re-growing. Then her leg was kicking the floor! After her leg calmed down, she decided to try and walk. And God is really good. She was able to walk again! Since then her life has changed forever.

God is our healer and whatever sickness you have right now, claim the healing that God wants to give to you, in the Name of JESUS.

Watch and be amazed by how God miraculously healed Markie:

Markie Testimony

Here is a beautiful testimony of God's healing. If you need healing today, watch this and be encouraged that what God did for this woman, He can do for you! #testimonysunday

Posted by Kris Vallotton on Sunday, April 8, 2018

Credits: Kris Vallotton

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