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What have you given up for lent? It’s not too late to fast something

Ward Simpson and Mark Chironna Share on the Significance of Sacrificing Something for God

Millions of Christians across the world are presently abstaining from their favourite things as they mark the season of Lent. Surprisingly many non-believers also give up particular foods or habits during these 40 days, in order to become more healthy or to develop their self-control. Though Lent started on 14th February it lasts until 29th March, so there is still time to participate.

Many people will fast a particular thing for a certain period over Lent. For Christians in the habit of fasting, 10-day Daniel Fasts (eating only fruit and vegetables) are popular or fasting one day a week. I find a 3-day fast works best for me, where I only consume liquids. This means I can still have tea or coffee with others and there is no need to explain what I am doing. Not that I am ashamed, but the Gospels do make it clear that fasting is a private thing. (Matthew 6:16:17)

Having said that, Lent is a time when you certainly don’t have to explain anything. People will understand if you simply tell them you have given something up for Lent. It’s pretty common to share with others what you are giving up to encourage each other. And, the amazing thing about fasting during Lent is that Sundays are not considered fast days, so if you do go the whole hog, there are breaks in between!

Whatever your choice of fast during Lent, whether you fast just for a few days or the full 40, don’t miss this opportunity to draw closer to God and GOD TV can help you make the most of it.

Fast and Pray With GOD TV this Lent

GOD TV is making it easier for believers to participate in Lent by providing helpful Bible teaching on the topic and egging you on by sharing the testimonies of others who are making a sacrifice. Over the next few weeks GOD TV will air a number of broadcasts focusing on repentance, fasting and sacrificial giving to God. You can see the first of these above, featuring GOD TV CEO, Ward Simpson and Dr Mark Chironna, who is an excellent Bible teacher.

Find out more about our Lent Appeal by clicking HERE.


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