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Giving God The Perfect Love

“As we receive from Him, we understand His ways and we also understand how He desires to be loved."

Giving God The Perfect Love
Giving God The Perfect Love

Giving God the perfect love that He deserves.

Theo Koulianos

Christian speaker and author Theo Koulianos shares a powerful message about God’s perfect love and goodness. He began his sermon by highlighting the goodness of God. It is God’s goodness and love that will lead people into repentance.

“The Bible says to taste and see the Lord is good,” he said. The Bible also says that the goodness of God will lead people to repentance.”

Goodness of God

Once someone can have a taste of God’s goodness, his life will never be the same. If you ever had the taste of His goodness and love, it is impossible for you to turn away from it.

“Sometimes you’ve heard enough sermons in your life but you’ve never tasted His goodness. Because once you taste Him, it’s impossible to turn away from Him, in my opinion, He’s too good.”

Perfect Love

It is when we experience fully the perfect love of God that we can learn how to love. God can only receive the perfect love and that perfect love can only be found also in Him.

“You first got to understand that He loves you and once you can receive His love for you, then and only then will you be able to love Him. He can only receive perfect love.”

So let us first allow ourselves to receive the perfect love of God. You don’t have to work or try to receive His love, God’s love is freely given to us by His grace. All we have to do is to surrender our lives to Him and let His love overflow in us.

“As we receive from Him, we understand His ways and we also understand how He desires to be loved. And He hands us this substance in Himself which is called “first love,” because He loved us first, so He hands us, first love.”

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