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Here’s the Secret to Never Being in Need Again

Change your mentality and see God's supernatural provision increase

Here’s the Secret to Never Being in Need Again
Here’s the Secret to Never Being in Need Again

A Modern Parable

I remember this story about a man at the train station who was waiting to board a train to the next town. He bought some donuts, and along with his newspaper and briefcase, he sat on a bench at a table next to a stranger. He made himself comfortable, placed his briefcase and coat by his side and proceeded to eat his donuts. The stranger reached out, picked a donut, and with a smile, started eating. The man looked at the stranger puzzled, but shrugged it off, after all, it was just one donut.

The stranger picked another donut, smiled and went on eating. The man was beyond angry. He fumed with anger as he started putting his things together to move to another table. But as he shifted himself, he realized that his own donuts were by him, untouched! All this while, he was the one at fault; he was eating a stranger’s donuts! The stranger was gladly giving his donuts to the man.

God is sharing His wealth with you; it’s never the other way around! Yet we hold our possessions close to our chest as if it is for us. We count every pesewa (monetary unit in Ghana) we give out at church and think we give money to buy divine intervention.

Two Guidelines for Giving

Jesus gave us two guidelines for giving:
Give cheerfully
A Christian must give as he/she has decided in their heart, not reluctantly or under duress. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you give truly from your heart not in a bid to impress others or because you believe that is what is expected of you! (2 Corinthians 9:7)
Give in secret
But when you do a charitable deed, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, that your charitable deed may be done in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly.’ (Matthew 6:3)

It’s Not About the Amount

Get out of the mentality that you’re doing something wrong if you’re not able to give a lot of money to the church! Just because some pastors give that impression doesn’t make it true. Anything given with a pure heart is good enough! Jesus multiplied bread; He can multiply your offering as well!

When a princess gives it’s never about the money given. We give knowing that He, with whom we serve with our all, including our money, will and can supply all our needs. Holding on to what you have imprisons you to it. You hold on to your money because you wrongly think money sustains you and then it becomes your idol because you look to it for your sustenance.

Free Yourself in Giving

Money doesn’t sustain me, God does!

The act of giving is actually about freeing yourself from the power of money and putting yourself under His care. It is so difficult to give, especially when we have little, and we wonder where we will get money from. Despite this, when we give, it is a statement of faith saying “money (salary, pocket-money, savings) doesn’t sustain me, God does!” Jehovah Jireh, our provider, will always provide!


Submit to God

“I must surrender everything for the Master’s use and the Father’s glory” – that must be the motto for all our giving: Money, time, and our praise!

If giving is a problem area for you,  do what a Christian must do in every area of difficulty; submit it to the Lord! Tell Him and ask Him for help (James 4:7). In any area of struggle, SUBMIT TO GOD.

Even though the topic of giving has been centered on money, we must remember that God also accepts the sacrifice of praise.

Worship is Giving Too

Worship is a wonderful sacrifice, we were once serving lesser gods, with no access to the King of Kings. Today, the blood of Jesus has spoken mercy for us.

Let us go to His courts with praise; give a dance offering to the Lord like David. Wherever you are, give the Lord a dance, it is a wonderful form of sacrifice! Don’t stand stiffly at church service, more concerned about how you will look! Give the Lord the best dance!

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