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Are You Up For A Global Venture? Is The Amazon Calling Or Thailand?

Global Ventures exists to take teams of people all over the world to bring hope and healing to the unreached

Are You Up For A Global Venture? Is The Amazon Calling Or Thailand?
Are You Up For A Global Venture? Is The Amazon Calling Or Thailand?

Global Ventures has seen 2 million salvations across 25 nations in the past 20 years. As you read these reflections on the ministry’s 20th Anniversary,  from the ministry’s founder, John Smithwick, perhaps God will inspire you to be part of one of their mission trips.

Global Ventures started in 1998 and I’m in awe of what God has done in the nations these past two decades. We’ve transitioned from a third-car garage where we started with a few rotating volunteers to the Center of Mass Evangelism where we’ve been residing for about three years, full of staff, volunteers, and CORE Program interns (with several set-ups in between)!

It’s not only our workspace that’s changed during the last 20 years – we’ve also seen over 2 million people receive salvation across 25 nations! With that number of people saying “Yes!” to Jesus, there are many stories close to our hearts, but one of my favorites  is of a family in Thailand.

Krisda and Chan Dee moved to Aranyaprathet, Thailand last year with their two children to get a new start in life. When they encountered the Global Ventures ministry team in a market, they heard the full Gospel for the very first time! Krisda says that he had heard bits and pieces about Jesus when he was younger, but he had never been given the opportunity to call upon Him as Lord and Savior.

In a moment that would change everything, they both decided to pray with us on the spot! And, that night, Krisda and Chan Dee came to the Gospel festival to learn more! Not only were they connected with a local pastor, but Chan Dee received instant healing from a cyst she had for 10 years, and Krisda was healed from a headache and fever.

Global Ventures in Thailand

Krisda with some of the local Thai church members and the Global Ventures follow-up team.

They both expressed that they were so excited to learn more about this Jesus who had saved and healed them and that they felt a happiness that they had been searching for for a long time, so they set up a follow-up meeting for the pastors and members of our team to come into their home. They received their very first Bibles, took pictures, and posted them as their Facebook cover photos. On their own (without any instruction or prompting), they even decided to take down the Buddhist banners and idols in their home.

They also have a fruit stand in the market that hadn’t been doing very well, but when they decided to follow Jesus, they reported that they have began selling their entire stock of fruit each day, and contribute this to God’s blessing on their life! They’ve been reading the Bible together as a family and growing more each day. This family was truly changed for eternity, and have started to impact those around them as well!

This story is one of my favorites because it shows such a wide-angle picture of what we’re aiming for everywhere that we go – bringing people the simple Gospel, leading them through God’s beautiful plan for salvation, seeing Him work miracles in their lives, and connecting them with strong local churches where they can continue to grow and be discipled. It’s the story of so many we’ve encountered through the years, and we are so grateful to be a part of it!

GOD TV and Global Ventures

GOD TV has played a special role in our story as a ministry, especially in the production of the Global Ventures TV show! We’re so thankful for the amazing connections, like the one with GOD TV, that God has put in our path along the way, and looking forward to the next 20 years of divine encounters, carrying the Gospel into the darkest corners of the world, and populating Heaven in the process!

If you’d like to be a part of the action by coming on a Global Ventures trip, visit!

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