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God Always Provides

God Always Provides
God Always Provides

People tend to ask this familiar question, ‘ Why would God cause something or someone to leave your life when He’s supposed to be your provider?’. You may ask why ‘God doesn’t seems to provide what you need and why you don’t see His provision?’. But now you will learn the very truth.

There is no shortage in God.

Do you think the unlimited God of the universe has shortage? Do you think that there is anything in your life that is too hard for God? Now you may ask, if there is no shortage in God then why do we still see people or even nation suffering from poverty? They are suffering not because God didn’t provide, but because the system did not allow the provision of God to be distributed.

There is never a lack of provision in God. Everything that you need is already here. It’s time to consider your ways. What you think is a lack of provision is a lack of priority. Because if you will only seek first the kingdom of God, everything will be added unto you (Matthew 6:33). Make this your foundation

Now the question is. Do you think you are lacking provision? Then it’s time for you to check your priorities. To neglect your priorities is to forfeit your provision.And God can’t send provision if there are no priorities. Make God your number one priority. If you will seek God first, everything that your hearts desires will be made manifests in His presence.

Watch and be amazed by how Pastor Steven Furtick Profoundly proclaim the word of God:

Credits: Official Steven Furtick

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