God Wants to Work Through You. Watch God@Work on Air or on Demand | God TV

God Wants to Work Through You. Watch [email protected] on Air or on Demand

Hosted by Rob Marshall, [email protected] empowers viewers for effective marketplace ministry

God Wants to Work Through You. Watch God@Work on Air or on Demand
God Wants to Work Through You. Watch God@Work on Air or on Demand

May God be glorified through your work

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden… let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.” (Matthew 15:14-16)

This is the theme verse of GOD TV’s new marketplace ministry series, [email protected] Rich Marshall of ROi Leadership and God Is Working is the host. Rich is also the author of the bestselling book by the same name. You can watch [email protected] on GOD TV on Monday evenings at 8.35 pm and on Saturday mornings at 9.30 am or watch on demand now.

Rich, who trains Fortune 500 companies, believes our life calling is our work, whatever that may be and that God’s calling to those in business is as important as to those in other Christian leadership roles. Furthermore, he says we are all called to the ministry. God wants each of us to be an effective witness through our work.

Consequently, the series reveals the importance of serving God wherever you find yourself. “You don’t have to go into the ministry,” Rich says, “The Kingdom of God is within you and you carry His presence wherever you go. God is at work. Let Him work through you.”

“God is at work. Let Him work through you!” – Rich Marshall

A life-changing book

Rich was introduced to GOD TV viewers by our President and CEO, Ward Simpson on Episode 10 of Today With Ward where Ward shares how much his life was impacted by reading [email protected] as a young man.  Tommy Tenney recommended Rich’s book to Ward and he shares how reading it helped overcome the confusion of choosing between business and ministry and how he gained the confidence to embrace both. Ward and Rich became friends and both felt God would lead them to work together in future for a Kingdom purpose. The result is this life-changing book is now impacting people’s lives over the airwaves.

Anointed for business

In the first episode of [email protected], Ward is Rich’s first guest and they talk about the importance of receiving wisdom from Heaven by reading the Book of Proverbs. Also, Rich speaks about the anointing and encourages viewers to receive this by basking in God’s presence through prayer and praise and worship. “The anointing is simply God taking your ability and adding His power to it so you can do what you couldn’t do without it. The anointing is a gift from God that will teach you all things, giving you supernatural empowerment in your life. Ask of the Lord and He will send you His anointing.”

This is one of God’s most inspirational series to take to the airwaves. Be blessed as you participate. Stay tuned to GOD TV for [email protected] and keep an eye out for the video on demand broadcasts on god.tv.

Free e-book

Do you want to make a difference in your place of work but aren’t sure where to start? God wants to work powerfully in your life no matter what job you are doing. Visit GOD TV’s website to receive your free download of Bringing Revival To Your Workplace by Rich Marshall. In addition to [email protected] this provides unique spiritual insight that will equip you to live out your God-given call. Download this free practical guide and believe God for a spark of revival in your life today.

An international speaker and trainer, Rich brings over 40 years of in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in pastoring, preaching, church planting, specialized business consulting, corporate training, coaching/ mentoring, and strategic planning, within both the private sector as well as the non-profit sector. Co-founded by Rich and Wilma Marshall, ROi Leadership is an inspirational and equipping ministry to the business and church community. Click for more information.



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