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God Calls, We Eagerly Respond – Then The Enemy Comes To Wreak Havoc

Be encouraged to fulfill your divine destiny - no matter what comes your way!

God Calls, We Eagerly Respond – Then The Enemy Comes To Wreak Havoc
God Calls, We Eagerly Respond – Then The Enemy Comes To Wreak Havoc

It is here, finally. After waiting, which felt like a lifetime for such a time as this, the opportunity is placed in front of me. I see this gift, I see this opportunity and accept it with a thankful heart. The journey has been tough, a long and winding road with so many obstacles. But, despite all the wrong turns or detours, I’m standing at the entrance of an opportunity that would take me to the next level of my journey.

Here I am, ready to share the Gospel. I decide to travel light, no baggage, just take what is needed and that is the Word. As I’m about to walk towards this door of opportunity, things change. The atmosphere changes, there’s confusion, chaos, obstacles, things that weren’t there a minute ago just appeared before I get to this door of opportunity.

Four days later and I’m still trying to grab the desire of my heart, but the obstacles will not move. I suddenly feel ill, my body is aching, I’m lethargic, and a fever arises which makes things worse. The next day, I discover that people are accusing me of things that happened four years ago. Lies and gossip about who I am and what I have done four years ago does not make any sense.

On day four, I wake up but cannot open my eyes. How am I to write or share a message if I cannot open my eyes? As I begin to sing, “Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me”, with the peace of Christ falling on me, revelation arrives and my eyes open, physically and spiritually.

Christ’s Mission

Christ had a mission. It was a calling that was placed on Him. He waited for the opportunity, but as He was about to take the next step, obstacles appeared. He lost everything because of His calling. A purpose and a plan to share His message with the world. To bless the world with the gift of salvation, eternal life for every generation to come until the end of time. He knew that things would not get any easier, but yet He pursued the desire of His heart.

His friends abandoned Him. He was arrested. Falsely accused. Thrown into a cell to await final judgement and the court decided that He deserved to die. He was forced to carry a cross to the Hill of Calvary. The cross that He was nailed to. Then pierced in His left side but not a word through it all.

As He looked up He cried out, “Father, why have You forsaken me?” His Father cried to see what the world had done to His Son. The only living gift sent for all. “It is finished.”

My revelation is to finish this race like He did. Looking at what I am currently facing is nothing compared to what He faced on Calvary. Fight the good fight of faith and grab the opportunity.

Never give up. Eyes on the prize. Get up. Start again. Hunger and thirst to stick to the purpose and plan of your life. Even if nobody is around, look ahead at the finish line.

Christ is standing there with open arms waiting to say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” My hope and faith lies in knowing that He will never leave you nor forsake you.

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