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I Underestimated the Greatest Gift I Could Give, Did You?

Our God is a generous God!

God’s Generosity

Todd White expounds upon the generosity of God in a powerful and insightful way. Take a look in this brief 4-minute video.

God loves us unconditionally and for this reason, He clearly teaches us about the real meaning of generosity. God’s generosity extends to every human being by giving His only begotten son Jesus Christ to die for the sake of all our sins. This demonstration of generosity teaches every believer that even in our state of unbelief and unrighteousness, God still loves us and that is why He generously pours His grace upon us that we may turn from our evil ways and be saved.

God expects us to learn this art of giving and reciprocate it to Him. There are many ways in which we can give to God including tithes, offering, supporting the needy, among many others. In most cases, these forms of giving are geared towards benefiting us as the givers. However, there is another, greater form of giving, that comes above all other forms and that is the what God expects us to start with as all others follow. The greatest gift that God expects from us is the total surrender of ourselves unto Him.

Total surrender to God opens the doors of His greatness and it is a sure way of keeping the devil out of a believer’s life. Selfishness or failure to surrender one’s whole life to God opens doors for the devil to victimize and torment a person. After that happens, all that is left is just the confession of Christianity and nothing else to show for it.

Total surrender to God opens the doors of His greatness.

A Christian life is a fragrance and sweet smelling aroma to God. It is simply the gift of love, given from God. In return, God expects us to give it back to Him without withholding anything so that He can take care of us. In the Bible, Jesus also teaches us that we should seek His kingdom first and He shall enrich our lives with everything else. Seeking God first demonstrates a great love for Him, as well serving as a sign of surrender, giving ourselves back to Him.

Christiancafe review joshua paulThis article was written by Joshua Paul, a staff writer for GOD TV. Joshua Paul grew up in a Christian home, regularly attending Church on Sundays. Today he is an entrepreneur and published author.

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