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God Is Giving Us The Gift Of Disillusionment

“Disillusionment is a painful thing, we like our illusions."

God Is Giving Us The Gift Of Disillusionment
God Is Giving Us The Gift Of Disillusionment

God is giving us the gift of disillusionment by shattering our created imaginations and bringing us back to His reality.

Joe Frost

In an episode of The Cry with host Betty King, Joe Frost of Evangelical Alliance shares about the gift of disillusionment that God is giving to us.

As we live in this world filled with injustice and problems, we often create our own realities in our minds. We create our own illusion of a perfect world where we dwell with what we like and ignore what we don’t. But in the past year, God has been shattering those illusions to brings us back to His reality.

“In these moments of reckoning, we have an opportunity to be gifted with disillusionment,” Joe said. “I think what happens is we create our world. We live in our own little bubbles, our own little ecosystems, and we found what we like and we ignore what we don’t. Our imagination tells in fiction and this last year, those fictions have been shattered.”


Let us return to the realness of God and get rid of our imaginations. Even if it sometimes means that we have to deal with the injustice by bringing God’s justice here on earth.

“Disillusionment is a painful thing, we like our illusions, and we often use that word as a negative,” she emphasized. “But God is the most real being in all of the universe. He is so real, He doesn’t need fiction, He doesn’t need illusion. And He gifts us with the reality of His presence and with the reality of His Spirit.”

We can receive God’s gift of disillusionment by spending time with Him. Instead of focusing on what’s happening in this world, let us focus on His reality and His goodness. There is hope for a better tomorrow if we just join in doing His mission.

“If we want to know the reality of God at work in our world, we need to spend time with Him. We need to understand His character, His motivations, the way He works so we can join His mission.”

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