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Increase Testimonies: Celebrating God’s Goodness So That He Does It Again

Celebrating God’s goodness so that He does it again!

Increase Testimonies: Celebrating God’s Goodness So That He Does It Again
Increase Testimonies: Celebrating God’s Goodness So That He Does It Again

Increase is about celebrating the goodness of God through the power of testimony. We believe that when people share their Testimonies, they release hope and new encounters with God. Our vision is simple: the world celebrating God’s goodness so that He does it again.

More than ever our world needs hope, and we are convinced that every believer in the world carries the hope of the world inside of them – Jesus! The very stories of salvation, deliverance, healing and provision shout Jesus is alive and can do it again for you!

What does the Bible say?

We see throughout the bible that God encouraged His people to remember and retell the testimonies of His goodness. Their culture of celebrating testimonies not only gave them hope for their own day, but also created an invitation for future generations to believe that God could do it again for them.

Increase aims to bring this culture of celebrating God’s goodness back to the world and fill the earth with the invitations from God. Imagine a map of the world filled with bright lights, where every light shouts that Jesus is alive, He is good and He wants to do the same for you! The bible says that “…the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.” (Hab 2:14) The word “knowledge” in this passage means “experiential knowledge”. This means that the earth will be filled with the “experience knowledge” or real life Testimonies of God! 

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A community of believers

increaseIncrease is committed to this vision that with the help of a growing community of believers we created an interactive testimony app and live testimony map of the world! The testimony app and map are places where believers can celebrate what God has done in their lives, and also receive encouragement and hope for themselves. It is also a place from which they can share specific miracles with their family and friends, so that God can become real in their lives too. We believe that our live feed of testimonies will serve as a constant reminder that God is better than we imagine and release Him even more to extend His kingdom in every realm of society.

At Increase we value the authenticity and legitimacy of reports. With a growing family of trusted partners and ministries and through our partnership with Global Medical Research Institute (GMRI), we will have access to well-researched and even medical journal- quality testimonies. We believe in modeling how to truthfully share stories of breakthrough, therefore encouraging others to verify what God has done for them.


Increase aims to leave a legacy of beautiful “memorial stones” (Joshua 4) by allowing individuals and organizations to print their own Increase testimony books. Families, churches and organizations will be able to steward the goodness of God over decades and inspire future generations to take the kingdom further.

Increase has already gathered a collection of 9 Testimony books that beautifully showcase the life changing testimonies that every day people have encountered through the goodness of God.


INCREASE Kids Volume One is a collection of real-life stories and video activations from children around the world who are living a supernatural life empowered by God.

God is raising up a new breed of families across the world who are teaching their children that they don’t have a junior Holy Spirit, and that God wants to partner with them to bring Heaven to Earth. As king Solomon prophesied in Psalm 127:4, “like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth,” 

As you read this book, we hope you are inspired to empower a generation of children to walk in intimate connection with their Father in Heaven, do the works that Jesus did, and even greater!

Get your copy today by visiting the Increase website!

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