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God Is Sovereign And He Is With Us, Look Higher!

His Goodness Always Wins

God Is Sovereign And He Is With Us, Look Higher!
God Is Sovereign And He Is With Us, Look Higher!

Fellow Christian, do not be afraid. Do not despair over the chaos in the world today. Look higher, God is sovereign and on the throne. In fact, in days like these, when it seems like the deepest valley or darkest night, His love, glory, and power shine brightest. Never before in this era have we seen such a great opportunity to reach a broken world with the love of Jesus.

Look Higher

Sometimes, the situations around us can seem out-of-control, especially if we turn on the news: injustice, suffering, greed, loss, and selfishness seem to rule the day. But Believer, I call you to look higher. Look to the One in the heavens who doesn’t allow a single lightning bolt to hit the earth without His word of agreement. Things are not as hopeless as they seem.

Compassion Moves the Heart of God

I’m reminded of the story of Abraham who pled with God on behalf of Sodom in Genesis 18:16-33. It’s a fascinating story as Abraham, identified as “God’s friend”, asks the Lord to spare the city if righteous men exist within its walls. As part of the first request, he asks God to spare Sodom if only 50 godly people live within it. The Bible doesn’t say if God answers; but Abraham, aware of the sins of the city, changes his request and begs to spare an even smaller number of righteous men. After many conversations back and forth, Abraham finally asks the Lord to spare the city if just 10 righteous people live there; and God agrees to honor his request.

Your Prayers Matter

I brought up the story of Abraham and God’s conversation. Not to focus on the sins of Sodom, but to unfold two points. First, God listens to the prayers and the compassionate cries of His people over the souls of this world. Second, God responds to the intercessors. Why should we be afraid of shadowed days if we know the Father agrees with our fervent pleads for our cities and for the lost and hurting individual? Let us continue to not grow weary of doing good; but instead, advocate for justice, peace, lighting up the dark corners, abundance, and love.

God is on the move. Can you not see what He is doing? He isn’t done yet.

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