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God Knows Everything About You; Your Past And Your Future

"He knitted you together in your mother’s womb."

God Knows Everything About You; Your Past And Your Future
God Knows Everything About You; Your Past And Your Future

God knows everything about you. He knows your past and your future because you were beautifully and wonderfully made by Him.

Jo Frost

Jo Frost of the Evangelical Alliance opens up about how she accepted Jesus into her life and how God is using her to bring others to Jesus. She then went on to share her conversation with a random guy who was amazed by how God knows him so much.

As she started to say the things God revealed to her about this random guy’s personal secret life, he was dumbfounded! No one else knew about those things, yet God knows every single thing in his life. He then accepted Jesus Christ into his life right at that very moment.

God Knows Everything About You

Just as God knew that man’s secrets, God also knows every single detail about you. God knows your past, your secrets, and your future. He knows everything about you because He wonderfully and beautifully created you. No matter what your worries are, cast it all unto Him because He has a great promise for you.

“Maybe today you are feeling worried about your future, maybe today you’re feeling concerned about your past. But ‘Emmanuel, God with us’ promises that He knows the plans He has for you as He tells us in Jeremiah 29. He knitted you together in your mother’s womb as we hear in Psalm 139. And Jesus promises us even to the very end of the age, He will be with us,” Jo said.

Accept Jesus

Jo then ended her message by encouraging everyone watching to accept Jesus Christ into their lives.

“You can have a relationship with God today, you can know what it is to be loved and to love others. Invite Jesus into your world and meet the good, good Father,” she said right before leading the prayer.

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