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God Knows The End From The Beginning

God is in control!

God Knows The End From The Beginning
God Knows The End From The Beginning


God is omnipotent, He knows all things and He dwells in the Heavenly realm. He operates in a timeless dimension where there is no beginning and no end. Therefore He operates in eternity while we operate in a earthly dimension which is limited by time. He knows the end from the beginning. We are caught up with current news and situations and therefore are controlled by our circumstances. When things go well all things appear good. When things go badly our whole world crashes and we think we are at the end. God operates in the spirit realm, while we operate in the earthly or fleshly realm.

Second heaven

God created us as spirit beings. He has thus given us the ability to operate in the spirit realm. We can operate in the Kingdom of righteousness or the kingdom of darkness. They are both spiritual dimensions. God resides in the third heaven while the devil resides in the second heaven. The devil has no access to the third heaven.. The redeemed of the Lord are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Eph 2:6). We therefore can operate from the third heaven.

How many of us do so? This is our privilege as the redeemed of the Lord. However due to a lack of knowledge most of us operate from the earthly realm. Our knowledge and teaching can be contaminated by lying spirits from the second heaven. This is the realm of the knowledge of good and evil. This mixture then is taught and the church is undermined by this teaching.

Third heaven

Those who do operate from the third heaven have access to the same knowledge that Christ has. This is the knowledge and wisdom of God that transcends all other knowledge. To operate from the third heaven is to know what God knows. The prophets who operate from this realm are able to know the future and the outcome of any disaster as it is known in heaven. This enables us to then implement what God has said and not be distracted by the devil’s lies of doom and disaster. God is calling His church to operate from the third heaven and implement His plans on earth. No devil can know His plans for they are only revealed to the sons of God. Come now and be encouraged for we have access to God’s plans which are good and righteous.

John Mathai

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