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God Loves You Always, Without Condition, Now And Forever

You are His child!

God Loves You Always, Without Condition, Now And Forever
God Loves You Always, Without Condition, Now And Forever

Yesterday my family experienced the miracle of life yet again. My first nephew was born into this world. After having three of my own babies, three nieces, and now a nephew, you would think eventually the novelty of the miracle of new life would wear off. You’d think maybe we would get used to the fact that babies come, it is just a fact of life. But this just isn’t true for me.

Every time a baby is born, even if it isn’t a baby that I share DNA with, I am still equally as floored. I can’t stop pondering the miracle that new life is. I can’t stop staring at the precious baby and I can’t stop thinking about how 9 months ago this life didn’t exist on earth. But then I see that perfectly knit chin, fingers, nose, and chubby leg rolls and I know this wasn’t an accident. I know God formed that miracle with purpose, intention, and that baby is fearfully and wonderfully made. God loves you and all His creation. Period.

God Loves You No Matter What

And without a doubt, I always take a step back and imagine God looking at us in the same way, with the same awe, wonder, and love. I think that He is marveling at His creation, joyful tears rolling down His cheeks, as He mouths, “You are mine. I love you, I made you, and you are good.” Just as a mother and father fawn over their precious miracle that came from their own flesh and blood, God is fawning over us. And He does it without condition. Helpless babies are easy to love, but defiant adults who are sinful and mess up time and time again? Not as easy. But God puts no condition on His love. He loves us the same when we are precious newborn lumps of love, and when we grow into more selfish, arrogant, ignorant wandering, lost people as well.

Even When You’re Wandering, He Loves You

You know when your kids are asleep, and you look at pictures and videos of them because you miss them so much? I imagine God does that too. When we are in the desert, searching, and seeking, and coming up dry I know God is waiting patiently for us to return. He made us and knows us through and through. He sees us as His. Even though there are times we are far from Him, He doesn’t see the mistakes and the sin. He sees his beautiful child, ready to embrace us with open arms, the same day He did when He miraculously guided us into this world the day of our births. Be encouraged today – God loves you no matter what, always have been and always will be.

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