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God Sends An Angel To A Desperate Woman Trapped Inside A Sinking Car

God's protection was evident

God Sends An Angel To A Desperate Woman Trapped Inside A Sinking Car
God Sends An Angel To A Desperate Woman Trapped Inside A Sinking Car

Accidents do happen. We never know when or how, they could happen anywhere, anytime, and especially on the road. For Kelly Carter it was one such accident that almost took her life.

Kelly was driving down the road to Nash County, North Carolina when she lost control of her vehicle.

“I don’t remember a whole lot. It all happened so fast,” she recalled.

Kelly recalls the accident

According to Kelly’s statement, it was raining hard and she was on the way home from a job interview. Her car swerved loosely on a back road and crashed into a pond. The water started to fill inside the car and Kelly was trapped inside the sinking vehicle. She tried calling 911 but her cell phone was already wet and the operator couldn’t hear her clearly. She knew she wouldn’t have time for help to come. It was a hopeless situation and only a miracle could save her.

While this was happening, Police Detective Roger Shearin happened to be passing by and saw the trunk of Kelly’s car in the pond. By this time, the water had nearly filled Kelly’s car.

Detective Roger In Action

Detective Roger immediately acted upon what he saw. He bravely rushed into the water, got on the roof of the car and forced open the passenger-side door. He then pulled Kelly out from the sinking car and brought her safely to the surface.

Middlesex Police Chief Mike Collins furthermore revealed, “Detective Shearin’s hours are earlier in the day, and on Monday only, the only day that I’ve ever told Detective Shearin not to come in at his normal time, I asked him to come in at 4 o’clock, and work from 4 to 8, because we had a board meeting.”

“Shearin never travels that road at that time; never,” he said. “I asked him to be there which altered his shift starting time for that one day, and he happened to be right there when she needed him.”

“It gave me chills when I heard he was not even supposed to going by at that time. He was definitely my angel that day,” Kelly said.

“Definitely my guardian angel. The Lord definitely put him in a place where he needed to be, and I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful for another day,” she added.

Detective Roger Credits Jesus

Detective Roger was hailed as hero and was given an award by the Police Chief. But he refused to accept sole credit stating, “What I did was a simple human gesture.”

Then he humbly added, “I did what anyone else in this room would have done and I give the credit to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because He is who got us through this.”

Truly, this was a divine intervention. God’s protection and guidance was on both Detective Roger and Kelly. To God be the Glory!

Source: God Updates

This article was written by Christel Berns Villariza.

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