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God Showed Me This Lie About COVID-19

Train your mind to look for truth!

God Showed Me This Lie About COVID-19
God Showed Me This Lie About COVID-19

Right now your mind is likely clouded with everything you’ve read regarding the novel coronavirus pandemic. Updates of COVID-19 positive cases, conspiracy theories about the virus’ origin, and many more. But what does God really have to say about all these things?

Apparently, the Christian author, speaker and Youtuber Troy Black reveals how the media lies about COVID-19.

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In a recent video post, he wrote, “The media works hard to report the facts, but should we take everything reported to us as if it were the truth? I believe the Holy Spirit gave me a message for you today: God’s truth supersedes the truth we’ve been fed by the media.”

Facts And Truth in God

Troy claims that God had impressed him concerning facts and truth. He said, “Even when we have all the facts reported to us, we’re not getting the whole story. You know the media is all about facts.”

Further, he added, “Even when we have all the facts, even if we have all the information reported to us. If we have facts and we don’t have truth, then we’re still listening to a lie.”

Then he continued, “The facts can only paint a picture of what we can see with our natural eyes, [of] what’s happening in this world today. What can be reported on, photographed, written about. But the truth says something a lot deeper and a lot more eternal.”

News That Are Lies

Troy stressed out that if facts from news reports lead people to be afraid, anxious, and freak out, then God says that that does not come from Him. He does not give us a spirit of fear.

“If we’re watching the news every day, reading those articles. And it keeps taking us back to this place of hopelessness, or fear, or anxiety, then we’re being spoon-fed a lie,” he explained.

The 30-year-old encourages people not to listen to the scare tactics of the enemy. He describes such scheme as “fear-based” and “greed-based” motivation.

The Christian author then said, “If it was the media’s goal not just to share information but to bring some hope and some light into the world, then their stories would not keep getting darker and darker. And it wouldn’t be fighting for the most intense headlines. They would be sharing some messages of hope… good news every once in a while.”

Troy concluded, “But even when the media has nothing good to say, if you know God, there is good news you can always run to, or go back to.”

David And Goliath

Moreover, he illustrated his point sharing the example of how David believed in the truth of who God is more than the facts of what he saw in Goliath and the Philistine army.

David listened to the truth in his heart. And he knew God was with him.

So don’t miss the truth despite what you read on the news. Don’t give in to the lies. Spend more time with the LORD in your secret place and face all those lies with the truth. Guard your heart and set your mind only on things above (see Colossians 3:2).

Watch Troy’s full message in the video below.

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