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God Stop Or Crowd Stop

Who do you choose to follow?

God Stop Or Crowd Stop
God Stop Or Crowd Stop

Most of us are impressed by crowds. We look at numbers to judge if something is worth our attention. God looks for the one. He is searching for those who will honour Him most of all. He is not interested in numbers. He sent His only begotten Son to save the world, not crowds.

He had just one witness. Jesus was completely surrendered to do His Father’s will. The devil tried to distract Him with worldly honours and crowds but He stayed the course to the end. He was not distracted by worldly attractions because He knew His purpose was to die for fallen mankind.

Crowd Or The Narrow Path?

So also we need to know our mission is to die for Him. To die for Him is to die to the crowd mentality. God can use anyone who is prepared to die for His purpose. We can choose to die to our own will and do His will. Jesus said the way is narrow and straight and few choose to walk in it.

What is it to choose to walk in God’s ways and not be influenced by the crowd? To walk in His narrow way is to leave all and to follow Him. He will lead you along a path that will appear to be lonely but is full of joy and peace.

Jesus was at peace even though He was hurled abuse and slander. We also must be prepared to face opposition from the crowds when we choose to follow Him. This is the time when we have to choose. The stage is being prepared for the end time harvest of souls. We must be prepared to join the army of followers awaiting the coming of our King.

Jesus said He would return the same way He went up. Those who are who waiting will be prepared to face any consequence for their destiny is heaven. Death has no power over us. Jesus dealt the death blow to death on the Cross. Now we can look forward to life everlasting.

Let us choose today whom we follow, the crowds or Jesus. I choose to follow Jesus.

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