God Told Her To Donate Her Kidney To An Orthodox Jew | God TV

God Told Her To Donate Her Kidney To An Orthodox Jew

God Told Her To Donate Her Kidney To An Orthodox Jew
God Told Her To Donate Her Kidney To An Orthodox Jew

An Orthodox Jew came to believe in Yeshua and accepted Him as his personal Lord and Savior. His family and friends harassed him every day when they found out about his new faith. But, the miracle that he experienced from Yeshua proved that his Savior is real. And the miracle is through a lady donor, whom God sent, to donate one of her kidneys to the Jewish man.

Orthodox Jew

Neriyah grew up in Russia. As a result, he was the only Jew in his class. It made him feel like a stranger to the community he belonged in.

Soon, he moved to Tel Aviv when a work opportunity opened up. One of his colleagues loved to read the Bible. He appeared to be more knowledgeable about God than Neriyah, who was more religious at that time. So, Neriyah got curious and read the Bible too. Then, he learned about the Messiah and Yeshua as described in Isaiah 53 and Daniel 9. 

Neriyah became a believer in Yeshua. But, he was afraid to profess his faith because of rejection. He did not want to go back to the way he felt when he was in Russia. Yet, his relatives and neighbors continued to mock him because of Yeshua.

But, this all changed when Neriyah discovered that his kidneys were in danger. Going on in life with dialysis to support his kidneys was not in his plan. However, Neriyah believed that God would not leave him in such a state.

Yeshua’s miracle

True enough, God showed him that he was loved and seen. Yeshua appeared to Cynthia, an American woman who was praying one night. Cynthia recalled her experience, “Yeshua said to me, ‘I chose you to go and give part of your body to someone you don’t know at all. Go to Israel and give one of your kidneys to Neriyah.”

She told Yeshua, “How can I do this? I’m already 50-years-old, and I have six children!” Then Jesus said, “I’m not forcing you. I’m suggesting it to you.”

Indeed, when Cynthia came, she found out that they were a perfect match, like twins.

After the operation, Neriyah and his wife bore a daughter, and they named her after his donor.

Reference: Youtube | One for Israel

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