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5 Reasons Why visiting Israel is Life-Changing!

GOD TV Announces Dates of Arise Zion 2019 Israel Tour

Join the GOD TV team for our Arise Zion Israel Tour from March 1-9, 2019.  Come and see all the breathtaking sites and experience God’s presence in the Land of the Bible.

GOD TV CEO Ward Simpson and our Regional Director for Israel Ron Cantor, invite you to consider making a pilgrimage to Israel in 2019. Touring the Land of the Bible is always a life-changing experience as we know from the feedback of thousands of pilgrims who have participated in one of our tours over the years.

“One trip to Israel will change you for a lifetime!” – Ward Simpson

Our 2018 tour was particularly powerful as in addition to seeing all the phenomenal Bible sites, tour goers also got to spend time with Messianic believers and Arab Christians and were able to witness first-hand how God can transform people’s lives – taking them from dead religion to a life-giving relationship with Jesus or ‘Yeshua’ as He is known in Hebrew. There are many reasons why visiting Israel is life-changing but here are just five:

5 Reasons Why visiting Israel is life-changing

  1. Israel is central to the entire Biblical narrative from Genesis to Revelation and visiting this Land of the Bible literally makes God’s Word come alive. It’s amazing to drive past road signs for places you’ve only read about, and then to see them first hand. You begin to understand the Bible in much greater depth as you better understand the geographic context of your best-loved Bible stories and so many things make more sense as you encounter Middle Eastern culture.
  2. Whether you visit Israel alone or in a group you’re going to be beyond blessed, but at GOD TV we know how sharing the experience with other believers can an essential part of returning home spiritually refreshed and envisioned. One cannot underestimate the power of fellowship as God uses us to speak into each other’s lives. It’s often the times of worshipping together on the Sea of Galilee, sharing communion at the Garden tomb or praying corporately on the Mount of Olives as Jesus did, that God touches our lives in a profound way. And, the unity of God’s people always results in blessing!
  3. As you retrace the earthly journey of Jesus, visiting places that are forever linked to His life and ministry you will experience a closeness with the Lord that you may not have experienced before. Spending time at the Sea of Galilee is particularly life-changing as this is the place where Jesus did so many of His miracles. You can imagine Him calming the storm, walking on water, delivering the Sermon on the Mount and multiplying the loaves and fishes. Then, wherever you go in Jerusalem, you are reminded of the great price Jesus paid for our salvation, from the Garden of Gethsemane to the Way of the Cross to the Garden Tomb.
  4. Visiting Israel is also an opportunity to stand in solidarity with the Jewish People who have known so much suffering over the centuries, and continue to fight for their survival. Not only does it help one understand the Jewish roots of the Christian Faith and the importance of the Jewish Feasts, visiting Yad Vashem drives home the vast scale of the Holocaust and the extent of the devil’s evil plan to exterminate God’s people. Through this you will feel the call of God to become a Watchman on the Wall, that something like this never happens again, not on our watch.
  5. Finally, we know we are blessed when we bless Israel and part of blessing Israel is to go and see the country for ourselves, It’s a great opportunity for spiritual growth, fellowship and to support the Jewish people and see the miracle first hand that God has done. When Mark Twain visited at the turn of the last Century he found desolate places and swamps. You will see how God has literally caused roses to bloom in the desert. Another way you can bless Israel is through prayer and what better place to pray for the peace of Jerusalem than in the beautiful Holy City itself!

Don’t miss this opportunity to let God speak into your life in a fresh and dynamic way. As our CEO Ward Simpson says, “One trip to Israel will change you for a lifetime!”

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