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GOD TV a Carrier of Global Revival

Spiritual climate change through prayer and intercession

GOD TV a Carrier of Global Revival
GOD TV a Carrier of Global Revival

“‘In the last days, God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit on all people’.” (Acts 2:17)

“Global revival will be carried via the Christian media and GOD TV is strategically positioned to play a major part in bringing in the End Time Harvest,” says Ken Gott of House of Prayer, Europe. He and his wife Lois are passionate revivalists who believe God is raising up an army of believers worldwide, who together with the Christian media will change the world’s spiritual environment.

“We want to lift GOD TV up before the Lord as a global ministry that is touching every nation of the world,” says Ken. “We pray that as GOD TV is transmitted into living rooms across the globe that we’ll see millions of souls come to Christ.

“GOD TV has the ability to speak into every household. We pray that God will continue to raise up people who will use their homes as lighthouses, places where family and friends can come in and hear the truth of God’s Word, long before they become believers.”

Calling a new generation! A youth army for revival

Lois says that God is using GOD TV to raise up a new generation of young people through its extensive outreach to teens. “You are beautiful Lord, let your beauty shine through the airwaves, let there be a spiritual climate change through GOD TV,” she says.

“We’re calling a youth generation forward – young people with a different spirit, Holy unto the Lord a Nazarite generation – who will bring a revolution of God’s love.”

Pastor Tim Dunnett of House of Prayer, Europe shares from Psalm 110:3 how God promised Jesus an army of young people. “Your troops will be willing on your day of battle. Arrayed in holy splendour, your young men will come to you…”

“Jesus will have an army of youth with hearts devoted to pursuing Him,” Tim declares. “God’s Word is awakening young people’s hearts to rise up and we release the calling of God upon them, that they may speak with passion to the nations.”

In addition to House of Prayer, Europe, Ken and Lois Gott also head up Revival Now! Ministries and the International Bethshan apostolic community. The House of Prayer, Europe was birthed in 2008 in Sunderland and has been the home of 24/7 nonstop prayer for several years.

Stand with GOD TV as a carrier of revival. Click to become a GOD TV / Throne Room Prayer Intercessor and pray for revival worldwide.

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