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GOD Brings You Inspirational Reading, Must-See Videos And Christian News

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GOD Brings You Inspirational Reading, Must-See Videos And Christian News
GOD Brings You Inspirational Reading, Must-See Videos And Christian News

Over the past few years GOD TV has become an established online provider of inspirational content including Christian news, spiritual insights and must see videos through our digital magazine platform, and our daily newsletter. now receives over 3 million hits a month and the GOD TV Daily is delivered seven days a week into the inboxes of some 200 000 people bringing the latest Christian news.

This online outreach is in addition to our dynamic 24-hour on air schedule that offers a selection of exclusive and original programming via many different broadcast platforms.

Christian News

On air we also provide Christian news from CBN, including the 700 Club, Christian World News and Dateline Jerusalem. Plus we present documentaries on diverse subjects along with a wide variety of Bible teachers. Another source of Christian news on GOD TV are our magazine type series like Today With Ward with interviews with different Christian leaders. features a news section with breaking stories and featuring all the latest from Israel as one of our major focuses. This includes content direct from Israeli correspondents on the ground. Ron Cantor presents Out of Zion Daily bringing the latest from Israel including Christian news.

Video on demand

At GOD TV we understand the importance of online media and have created these new online platforms to inspire viewers with the Gospel. Our website offers a vast archive of video on demand content, while is a forum where believers can gain a Godly perspective on all the latest developments in the world, keep up to date, discuss today’s pressing issues and see what’s trending. Many of the posts feature the latest viral videos.

Join us in proclaiming His works

Launched in February 2017, now has more than 200 contributors from different countries bringing an international perspective not found elsewhere. We accept contributions from writers on any topic and these can be submitted online.  This gives a diverse perspective from across the different regions of the world.  We have contributors from the USA, UK, Africa, Asia and Australasia!

We believe the Gospel is God’s Good News for the salvation of all people, that God has called us to proclaim His works far and wide in whatever way we can, through extraordinary testimonies, as well as Christian news from varying viewpoints. Stay tuned to GOD TV on air, online and for Christian news you can trust!

“That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.” (Psalm 26:7)

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