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GOD TV Migrates Web Hosting to Honest Cloud

HonestCloud provides fully managed web hosting and protects Christian organizations from online censorship forever

GOD TV Migrates Web Hosting to Honest Cloud
GOD TV Migrates Web Hosting to Honest Cloud

GOD TV is excited to announce that we have selected HonestCloud as our new hosting provider.

GOD TV has been operating online for over 25 years and serves the needs of 10s of millions of website visitors per year, so why did we all of a sudden decide to migrate our web hosting from WPEngine to HonestCloud?

Here’s why…

Times are changing. Organizations that speak the truth are coming under attack. GOD TV is no stranger to this. We have built our entire mission on speaking the truth of the gospel on broadcast TV and on the Internet, often in the face of cultural opposition, and we have no plans of stopping. It is our mission. It is our calling.

Preaching the truth of Jesus Christ, without compromise and without ceasing, has always been a mission that has been met with opposition and resistance. This is certainly no surprise, and is something that even Jesus himself foretold would happen. In John 15:18 Jesus said, “if the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” Being hated and facing opposition are part of what we face on a daily basis.

It is not always popular to preach the truth. With that said, the opposition that we face in today’s day and age is more complex than ever before. We are seeing the rise of technology and social media de-platforming and censorship. Conservative and Christian organizations face an ever-increasing risk of losing their ability to publish online at all, simply for speaking the truth. In order to ensure that GOD TV has the ability to continue to publish online without interruption, censorship, or risk of de-platforming, we made the decision to migrate hosting to HonestCloud. We believe so strongly in their mission, that we wanted to share this exciting news and recommend HonestCloud to you. If you run a website or multiple websites, we highly recommend using HonestCloud as your hosting provider.

Why GOD TV chose HonestCloud:

  • The only managed web hosting provider that has taken a public stance to protect their customers from censorship and de-platforming
  • They offer an unparalleled support staff to assist with day-to-day needs and to proactively monitor our sites to ensure they never go down
  • Safety and cyber security are unmatched
  • They offer systems and geographic redundancy
  • Site speed is faster and performs better

If you want the highest speed and performance of your websites, and want the additional assurances that your websites will be protected from censorship and de-platforming forever, then we highly recommend you go with HonestCloud as your hosting provider. As an organization that serves 10s of millions of website visitors, we cannot afford any downtime for any of our websites. And that’s why we chose HonestCloud, and recommend that all Christian organizations go with HonestCloud over other hosting providers.

Click here to learn more about how HonestCloud can help your organization’s web operations today!

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