GOD TV Prayer: Can We Petition Heaven On Your Behalf? | God TV

GOD TV Prayer: Can We Petition Heaven On Your Behalf?

Watch our latest Call For Prayer broadcast!

GOD TV Prayer: Can We Petition Heaven On Your Behalf?
GOD TV Prayer: Can We Petition Heaven On Your Behalf?

The GOD TV Prayer Team Is Here For You!

At GOD TV prayer is one of our key focuses. We love to pray for our viewers and partners, whether on air or in person. Plus our intercessory prayer groups meet daily to petition Heaven concerning all requests our partner services teams receive – whether via email, letter, social media or by phone.

Recently our CEO Ward Simpson and Regional Director Fergus Scarfe (pictured) were in Manchester where they prayed for people attending a GOD TV partner evening.  As a ministry we hope to have many more such evenings where we can meet you and pray for your needs. You can also watch diverse prayer programming on GOD TV that viewers have found to be a great blessing.

Call for Prayer: 40 Days to Overcome Special

Watch our Call For Prayer special broadcast in the Facebook LIVE video below recorded in Orlando Florida with Fergus Scarfe, Lila Terhune and Ward Simpson with worship led by Lydia Marrow.

Other GOD TV Prayer Programming

As well as our regular LIVE Call to Prayer broadcasts, we have several GOD TV prayer series on the network including our daily Prayer Time broadcast with our regional directors and weekly series, Throne Room Prayer with Lila Terhune  In addition, GOD TV presents LIVE prayer rallies including the US National Day of Prayer held annually each May and the Day to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem on the first Sunday of October.

It’s never too late to Call For Prayer

Whatever is on your heart, no matter how big or small the burden, someone is waiting to stand with you in prayer. Call the GOD TV prayer lines or click to submit your prayer request. You can also email us at [email protected]god.tv and your request will be delivered to our intercessory team.

We are here to share your burden and trust God for breakthrough on your behalf.




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