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GOD TV Preachers: Powerful World Changers

Who is your favorite GOD TV preacher?

GOD TV Preachers: Powerful World Changers
GOD TV Preachers: Powerful World Changers

GOD TV exists to use media as a vehicle to share the Father’s heart with every nation. The global network’s mission is to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth by empowering media missionaries. To accomplish this mission, connections have been made with a wide variety of denominations and featured GOD TV preachers. Creflo and Taffi Dollar, Brian Houston, Patricia King, Joyce Meyer, and Joseph Prince are just a few of the well-known GOD TV preachers that are sharing the love of God worldwide.

6 GOD TV Preachers

Creflo & Taffi Dollar

Creflo and Taffi Dollar are GOD TV preachers that champion the message of understanding grace to empower change. They are the founders and senior pastors of World Changers Church International in College Park, Georgia. Over 30,000 believers are in attendance each week and they have a vision to establish over 500 satellite churches across the globe. Creflo and Taffi host the GOD TV series, Changing Your World.

Brian Houston

GOD TV preacher, Brian Houston is both a pastor and evangelist. He and his wife, Bobbie, are the senior leaders of the Hillsong Church movement.  Hillsong’s main campus is in Sydney, Australia with several other locations across the globe.  He is passionate about sharing the Gospel and building the local church.  Pastor Brian is known for preaching messages that transform mindsets.  He has written a number of books including There Is More and Live Love Lead.  Pastor Brian is featured on GOD TV’s Hillsong TV series.

Patricia King

Patricia King is a GOD TV Preacher that is passionate about loving God, loving people, and seeing the Kingdom of God established on the earth.  She believes in spreading light into the darkness through missions, events, outreach and media.  She is the founder of Patricia King Ministries and co-founder of XPmedia.com.  Patricia presents the GOD TV series, Everlasting Love and Supernatural Life (featured in the video below). She has also hosted many Women On The Frontlines events and has multiple e-courses available through GOD TV’s e-learning platform including How To Partner With Angels.

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer is one of GOD TV’s most popular featured speakers and is known for her dynamic communication style. She and her husband, Dave, founded Joyce Meyer Ministries and have over 40 years of experience in ministry. She has authored over 100 books and travels both nationally and internationally. One of her most notable events is the Love Life women’s conference she hosts each year in St  Louis, Missouri. Joyce’s messages typically focus on mindset and attitudes of the heart and her teaching is practical. She hosts Enjoying Everyday Life on GOD TV which is aimed at helping viewers to learn to walk in victory.

Fbruary highlights - Joseph Prince

Joseph Prince

GOD TV preacher, Joseph Prince desires to empower generations to know how deeply loved they are by their Heavenly Father.  He was a founding member of New Creation Church in Singapore and became the senior pastor in 1990.  Joseph had an encounter with God in 1997 that has forever impacted the message that he preaches, the message of grace.  This is the subject of the series he hosts on GOD TV, Destined To Reign, where he shares about God’s plan for our lives and how to experience the fullness of God’s grace.

These are just five of the numerous preachers, teachers, and speakers that contribute to GOD TV on a regular basis. Make sure to check out some of the other GOD TV Preachers the next time you’re watching on air or online!

More GOD TV Preachers

  • Andrew Womack
  • Chantell Cooley
  • Jack Van Impe
  • Kenneth and Gloria Copeland
  • Robert Morris
  • Ravi Zacharias
  • Sandra Kennedy
  • Sid Roth
  • Rabbi Kirt Schneider
  • Pastor Jerome Fernando
  • John Ankerberg
  • Doug Kaufmann
  • Bill Winston
  • Baruch Korman
  • Angus Buchan

GOD TV preachers are impacting the globe

With the advancements in technology, the media has become a vehicle that is allowing the Gospel to have influence across the globe.  GOD TV is helping to pioneer the media frontier by hosting teaching, preaching, ministry, and prayer.

Each GOD TV preachers is a media missionary and an integral part of helping see the Great Commission fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God established on the earth! If you would also like to be a media missionary you can by supporting GOD TV in televising the Gospel 24/7 and bringing many new and emerging voices to the airwaves.

This article was written by Sarah Crockett.

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