A Prophetic Word for GOD TV: Signs & wonders are coming | God TV

A Prophetic Word for GOD TV: Signs & wonders are coming

'Same day not someday' - Hank and Brenda Kunneman encourage you to expect God to move in your life right now!

A Prophetic Word for GOD TV: Signs & wonders are coming
A Prophetic Word for GOD TV: Signs & wonders are coming

‘Same day not someday’ – Hank & Brenda Kunneman encourage you to expect God to move in your life right now!

There is nothing like a prophetic word to reset your faith and shape your future! Two of the foremost prophetic voices in the Church today, Hank and Brenda Kunneman of One Voice Ministries were recent guests on GOD TV’s flagship series, Today With Ward. The series is hosted by GOD TV’s CEO, Ward Simpson and Bishop Mark Chironna was also in the studio. Bishop Chironna is the founder of The Masters Touch International Church and The Dream Builders Network.

The presence of the Holy Spirit was tangible in the GOD TV studio in Orlando as the Kunnemans, who also lead Lord of Hosts Church, encouraged viewers to be expectant for God to move instantaneously in their lives. They also shared words of wisdom and knowledge concerning specific viewers and shared a powerful prophetic word with Ward concerning GOD TV.

“Too many of us think in terms of someday not same day,” said Hank. “In Exodus, the Lord sent manna from Heaven daily. The Children of Israel were expectant of same-day bread. And, Jesus taught us to pray, ‘Give us our daily bread.’ We must expect God to meet us NOW!”

Brenda added: “God wants us to shift our thinking from someday to the same day. We know the scripture, ‘they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength’. (Isaiah 40:31) This is not a perpetual length of time but an anticipation. God wants to bring His people to a place where there is a miracle in the making right now,” she said.

Watch Today with Ward with Hank and Brenda Kunneman and be inspired by their prophetic ministry. You will receive a new revelation of God as the God of Now. And, you will also discover how He can take water and turn it into wine, sickness to healing, discouragement to hope, as Hank describes. Watch on demand and allow God to raise your expectation that transformation can take place on the same day.

Bishop Chironna explained the importance of the prophetic word and the need for prophetic words to be sealed through prayer. “We cannot discard the integrity of the pure prophetic word,” he says. “My life has been shaped by key prophetic words from seasoned men and women of God, but, one thing I have learned in 43 years of ministry is that when we receive these words they need to be sealed with prayer.”

We, therefore, invite the GOD TV family to pray into the following prophetic word delivered by Frank and Brenda to Ward. The word is for him personally as well as for the entire network and faithful partners. For what God can do for GOD TV He can surely do for our partners, who play such an important role in seeing the plans and purposes for the ministry fulfilled.

A Prophetic Word for Ward Simpson and GOD TV from Hank and Brenda Kunneman

Hank: “Ward, the Spirit of God says, ‘In My Word, I have declared, “I have found David, a man after my own heart,” who served his generation according to the will of God and so this is My word to you…  For you have a heart. I have found one who has a heart like David, who serves this generation not according to the will of man but according to My will. This is why I have called you and chosen you and appointed you for this time and even for this network.

“For this is My network,” says the Lord. “But, you are the man that I have called and appointed. So, even that which is now upon your hand, don’t see it as a hand that touches your hand, but as a rod that I have placed in your hand and even as I gave to Moses. I said to him, ‘What is in your hand?’ And he said to Me, ‘It is a rod.’ And, I declared unto him, ‘Yes, Moses and through that rod, I shall do wonders.’

“What am I saying to you?” says the Spirit of God. I am saying that this network has a special stamp and brand that I have placed upon it. And God says, “That brand is that this network shall be known as a network of wonders and of signs and of miracles. And a network that shall give voice to the pure and a voice to that which I am speaking and declaring. But that which I desire to do. For, was it not through the rod that Moses and Aaron lifted, that the people saw signs and wonders, that they could see with their eyes.

“Is this network not that which they will see with their eyes and hear with their ears? They shall behold My wonders for I have looked for those who would not water down what I am doing or change or manipulate. I am looking for the right foundation, the right stones to be set in order that My fire may fall and My glory may come once again. For I desire to reach a generation and I desire to reach the nations and so I have found you and I have found this network and watch what I am about to do,” says God.

“For I am going to begin to cause an explosion of great provision and increase and watch how I shall add to you as I added in the days of the Early Church. I shall add the numbers, I shall add the multitudes, I shall add the finances and I shall add even other locations and it will not be according to a former season for there is a new season I declare on you and upon this network,” says the Spirit of God. “Now wonder with me, and watch and behold your God.”

Brenda: I also hear the Lord say, “Do not the scriptures declare that I resist the proud and I give grace to the humble,” and the Lord says,  “Even in you I have found humility and I have found a heart for Me.  And I have heard a heart that desires nothing but to exalt the works of My Son, exalt the works of Jesus.” So, the Lord says, “Even now, watch how I lift you up and this network shall be known as the Network of Miracles and the Network of Signs and Wonders and see now what shall come down out of Heaven in the next 12 months,” for the Lord says, “I am setting you on a pedestal and I am exalting you because of your humility, oh man of God.”

GOD TV family, join us as we seal this prophetic Word from God, trusting God for an immediate increase on the anointing upon GOD TV for the miraculous, that this may overflow into your life, that more souls will be saved and homes transformed by the power of God.

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