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GOD TV Series That Will Touch Your Heart

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GOD TV Series That Will Touch Your Heart
GOD TV Series That Will Touch Your Heart

How each of us studies scripture depends on how our minds function. We constantly hear that we need to ‘get into God’s Word.’ For those of us who are seasoned Christians, we understand, but for those who are new to the concept of reading the Bible, it is a little more difficult. This is one of the benefits of a having a devotional – a series of themed mini-messages that focus on giving readers a better understanding of scripture and how they can apply it to their lives. A GOD TV Series will guide you into a deeper knowledge of Christ and help you truly understand what it means to ‘get into His Word.’

Discover His Word – Find a GOD TV Series

The first thing about a GOD TV series you will notice is that they are listed by either program or topic. Then, within each topic, you will find a few to several individual videos that go over a different themes within a topic. Each video is different and will be centered around a scripture verse.

Reading the Bible is one thing. It is quite another to comprehend what you are reading. If you are new to studying God’s Word, then you may need help understanding what is being said. Don’t worry; you are not alone. There has been a long list of people who needed guidance in understanding scripture.

        • The disciples on the road to Emmaus – Two men, after Jesus’ death were traveling home feeling hopeless. Another man joins them. The two men explain what has happened. Then the man “interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself.” After visiting with the man, the two men realize that he was the resurrected Jesus.
        • The Ethiopian Eunuch – Philip is led by the Spirit to meet a man who is reading the Old Testament book of Isaiah. Philip asks him if he understands it. The Eunuch tells Philip, “How can I, unless someone guides me?” Then, Philip shares the Gospel with him, and the Eunuch accepts Christ.

We all at first light need help understanding His Word. Even pastors of churches, ministry leaders, makers of devotional programming, and the writer of this blog need their eyes opened to what God says in scripture. But once revelation is given, your life is opened to amazing power.

GOD TV Series for Learning to Live Daily

Once you find a GOD TV Series topic that interests you, you can discover many Biblical truths through your journey. Devotionals help you learn how God desires you to live. These truths vary from basic knowledge to the meat and potatoes of evangelism.

Questioning Christianity is one GOD TV Series that tackles some of the questions, even long-time Christians have. Topics about sin and doubting salvation are covered. Ministers guide you through what scripture says when we have those nagging questions.

Walking by Faith is another great source of topic-driven devotionals that challenge the believer to live a life according to God’s design.

Enjoying Everyday Life is a series that is part of a prominent ministry. Joyce Meyer is a Bible teacher who shares powerful and encouraging messages about life with Christ.

These are just a samples of the many resources available to readers. If you are looking for instruction or for interpretation, you can find a GOD TV Series that will feed your spirit with the food it needs to grow.

Series for Spreading the Gospel

Once you have come to the knowledge of Christ, then you share in the privilege of sharing what you learn with others. And just as a GOD TV Series can help you understand His Word; it has resources that will help you share that faith.

Changing Your World is another prominent ministry. Pastor Creflo Dollar covers many aspects of how to daily live, but how through daily living, you can change the world around you.

World Impact lays out how we can make a difference in our lives. Christ’s heart passion was for others, and we are called to share that love with everyone.

Other GOD TV Series gives examples of how His Word the impacts lives. The Testimonies series gives stories of lives changed through the Gospel. There are various prayer channels that not only give the opportunity to witness the power of prayer but to experience prayer yourself.

Now it’s Your Turn

Getting into God’s Word is not a difficult concept. Especially when you have someone to guide you through it. Just as Jesus guided the two disciples, Philip helped the Eunuch, and pastors and ministers across the world are shown revelation, we can receive instruction through a GOD TV Series. From the Bible study novice to the expert theologian, there is something for you. All you need is to access the resources available.

The greatest thing about digging into His Word is how our hearts change. We are taken from a place of despair into a life of hope. Studying scripture helps us through the rough times. We learn we’re not alone and that countless others are on this same path. We gain peace through the understanding of His love for us and the encouragement and power to share that gift with others.


Written by Jeff Bray






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