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GOD TV Video Testimonies: A Tool For Overcoming

"They triumphed over Him by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of their testimony." (Revelation 12:11)

GOD TV Video Testimonies: A Tool For Overcoming
GOD TV Video Testimonies: A Tool For Overcoming

GOD TV video testimonies reveal the power and nature of God at work across the globe.  GOD TV’s mission is to take the Good News to the ends of the Earth through preaching, teaching, and disciplining the nations through media.  The GOD TV video testimonies provide a record and tell the stories of how God is working through the content produced and aired by GOD TV.

Testimonies are a powerful weapon in the body of Christ. When John the Baptist sent messengers to Jesus to ask if He was the Messiah Jesus instructed them in John 7:22, “Go back and report to John what you have seen and heard.”  Jesus’ answer was to go back and share testimonies with John.  Thus, testimonies were proof that Jesus was the Messiah.  Testimonies prove the power of God and are an invitation to receive the same breakthrough.  If He did it once, He can do it again.  As testimonies are shared, they release the power to overcome!

GOD TV Video: Testimonies

One of the first GOD TV video testimonies recorded is from Paul Morris, a teaching pastor in the Yorkshire, United Kingdom.  Paul was hungry for more of God and longed to find teaching and preaching that could feed him spiritually.  A friend shared that a new Christian TV channel was starting to air for a few hours each morning and the idea piqued his interest.  After having to have a satellite installed at his home, Paul was able to begin streaming GOD TV.

GOD TV provided access to content that was not available, and Paul’s hunger was finally being fulfilled.  More specifically, programs with Rodney Howard-Browne, Andrew Wommack, John Bevere, and T.D. Jakes.  Paul shares, “The Holy Spirit was equipping us for the future and building a foundation through truth and revelation, transforming our lives.” He cried out to God and waited for God to answer His prayer.

Paul’s testimony is an invitation to receive increased levels of truth, deeper revelation, and transformation in our lives.  Believe that what God did for Paul, He can do for you!

To watch the full GOD TV video testimony, click here.

Healing and Freedom:

Another GOD TV video testimony from Elizabeth Menmuiran offers a powerful story of healing and freedom. Elizabeth lives in the aboriginal town in Western Australia where drug use and alcohol are a major problem.  Her story begins with the tragic loss of several teenage family members that committed suicide.  While watching a Benny Hinn program on GOD TV video her knee was completely healed.  Her grandson took notice and shared that he felt peace when he was in her home. Elizabeth believes that GOD TV is going to be a vehicle that God uses to change her town and bring freedom to young people.

Elizabeth’s testimony is an invitation to receive physical healing in our bodies.  Furthermore, it is an invitation to release peace into our cities and towns.

To watch the full GOD TV video testimony, click here.

Finding Forgiveness:

Ritto Abraham shares another GOD TV testimony about her journey of forgiveness.  She begins her story revealing the neglect and abuse she experienced from her father.  Ritto and her mom often experienced physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her father. Although she was raised in a Christian home, she admits to not knowing Jesus.  Ritto eventually made friends with two of her neighbors who introduced her to Jesus and GOD TV.  Having a relationship with Jesus and watching the GOD TV video programs helped Ritto have the courage to make it through her difficult situation.

Ritto’s testimony is an invitation to forgive.  Take a moment to ask the Holy Spirit if there is anyone that you are holding unforgiveness towards. If so, spend some time praying and releasing forgiveness to that person. Remember, forgiveness doesn’t excuse what you experienced, but it will set you free from bitterness and resentment!

To watch the full GOD TV video testimony, click here.

GOD TV Video: Overcome

As you’ve seen, testimonies are a powerful weapon for overcoming the struggles we face in our everyday lives.  To hear more GOD TV testimonies, visit the GOD TV testimony page on the GOD TV website.

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