GOD TV Wiki: Discovering The Roots of GOD TV | God TV

GOD TV Wiki: Discovering The Roots of GOD TV

Dig deeper into the past, present, and future of GOD TV through our GOD TV Wiki page.

GOD TV Wiki: Discovering The Roots of GOD TV
GOD TV Wiki: Discovering The Roots of GOD TV

GOD TV Wiki: What we are

Did you know we have a GOD TV Wiki page? You use this site daily. You get our daily email and click on a story that piques your interest. Then you surf the site and find additional stories. They serve the purpose of filling you with the Gospel of Christ. Then you click over to the Prayer Room and get a dose of worshiping the King of Kings, and you peruse the list of On Demand content and watch your favorite program. You find yourself blessed through the content GOD TV provides. You may wonder how we have gotten this far. Our “About Us” page only contains half the story. Discover more about the roots of our ministry by reading the GOD TV Wiki page.

Where we began

We can share dates and names, but these only tell half the story. God uses willing individuals to accomplish amazing works. You will see on GOD TV Wiki that Rory and Wendy Alec are the two people God called to start the adventure of digital satellite Christian television when it was in its infancy. He had a plan to reach millions of people across the world. He wanted to use a medium that was just breaking the surface of what it would eventually do.

It began with a two hour a day broadcast that evolved into seven hours. Then it exploded into a 24/7 television ministry, the GOD Channel which became GOD TV. Initially, in the UK and Europe, our Christian-based programming slowly enveloped other continents, and eventually global saturation. To dig deeper into when and where reading the GOD TV Wiki and see how God used one dream to reach every creature as instructed in Mark 16:15.

Where we are now

You can find out on GOD TV Wiki that today, our global ministry reaches over 300 million homes. With offices and ministry locations on nearly every continent, we use our God-given resources to spread the Good News and to preach, teach, and disciple believers to the ends of the earth.

Both Rory and Alec have moved on to new things in God, but have left their legacy in the hands of Ward Simpson. His story of how he became GOD TV’s CEO is amazing. You can find out more on his GOD TV Wiki page. That is just a glimpse into Ward’s story.

Now Ward is part of the plan of the Almighty. Using his gifts and calling to see more people come to faith. He shares GOD TV’s vision of Souls, Israel and Revival, challenging a  new generation of believers in God’s love and forgiveness, Christ’s sacrifice that redeems us, and the power He promises through the Holy Spirit.

We accomplish this through programming targeted at lovers of God. It includes blog articles, news stories, on-demand series, and live streaming as well as LIVE events. They are all a part of our arsenal. We are about equipping believers for daily life, the evangelistic work of Christ, and for what the future holds.

It is amazing how God can use an event in one part of the world to impact people so far away. The GOD TV Wiki page gives details about what is happening in different regions of the world. It proves God’s message is spread using satellite TV, the Internet, our app and LIVE broadcasts.

Where we are going

With technology advancements, the global reach of GOD TV only expands. More people are being reached, more souls are turning to Christ. Those are continuing the process by taking the Word of God into areas where we have yet to tread. The recent announcement of godtv.com, the digital publishing arm of GOD TV, is only the beginning of the expansion of what god.tv was, to what is now.

At GOD TV, we are strong believers in being prepared for what is coming. We follow and support what the Bible teaches about the end times. This includes the nation of Israel and the Jewish nation, who while having a firm belief in God, still need to find revelation in Christ as the Messiah.

We are faithful to the work that Rory and Wendy began 25 years ago and we are expecting an amazing act of God through the Revival of his people by means of technology and social media. We will continue to spread the Gospel to the world until every tribe, nation, and tongue come to the knowledge of the Loving Savior. You can help! Tell others about GOD TV and share the GOD TV Wiki page to educate them on how we came about.

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