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Our God Is With His People

“He’s inclusive."

Our God Is With His People
Our God Is With His People

Our God is an inclusive God and He’s the God who is with the people.

God who’s with the people

Jabin Chavez shared a message about how God is the God who is with the people. He references Mark 10: 46-49 to explain that God has come to men and He is calling everyone to Him. The musical artist started his message by differentiating religion from Christianity. God came to us and is with us always.

“Religion is men trying, hoping, trying to get to God but Christianity is radically different because it says that God has come to men,” Jabin said. “And I’m so grateful for a God that is with us, a God that walks with us. Not a God who gives us a perfect life, but a God who says, ‘No matter what you go through, no matter what you’re experiencing, no matter what fights you have, no matter what battles you have to walk through, I will be with you, I will hold your hand through it, and I will never leave you.’”

He wants to be with us

God wants to be with us and He doesn’t want to push people away from Him, that is the kind of God He is.

“He’s inclusive, He’s not walking around with an entourage trying to keep people away from Him, rather He’s right there with the people.”

No matter what you’ve done in the past, that doesn’t change the fact that He loves you so much. No matter what your sins are, God still wants to be with you and save you.

“He is not a God who is intimidated by you, intimidated by your sin, grossed out by your weakness. But He’s a God who’s with the people.”

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