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God Will Light His Own Fire

“Let the true God light His own fire."

God Will Light His Own Fire
God Will Light His Own Fire

Meaningless words can’t get the attention of God. He will light his own fire and will fall upon us.

Daniel Kolenda

Daniel Kolenda talks about the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. First Kings chapter 18 talks about the story of how God mightily showed His power to everyone by lighting His own fire.

In that story, the prophets of Baal and also Elijah prepared bulls to offer as a burnt sacrifice. But instead of lighting the fire, they prayed that their god would light the fire. That is because Elijah wanted to show everyone who the true God is.

“Let the true God light His own fire,” Daniel said. “Let the true God show his power because the true God has to have something more than just religious systems, has to have more than just liturgies. The true God has to have just more than just a form, more than a bunch of prophets who can pull tricks. The true God needs to be able to light a fire of his own.”


Light up His fire

After the prophets of Baal danced, screamed, prayed, and did everything in their might to ask Baal to light up the fire, nothing happened. But after just a simple prayer of Elijah, God moved mightily and consumed the burnt offering.

“We serve a true God, we serve a living God. We don’t work Him up with our energy, we don’t make His fire burn. His fire falls on us, it’s the other way around.”

After God lit His own fire, people worshipped Him as their true living God. That’s what God is doing for you today. He is lighting His own fire and will fall upon you! He will do so to show people who the real God is and how powerful He is.

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