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God’s Ambulance, A Faith Healing Movement

Around the world, we connect faith healers with those in need of healing!

God’s Ambulance, A Faith Healing Movement
God’s Ambulance, A Faith Healing Movement

Do you believe God still heals the sick and want to see it happen around you? God’s Ambulance is a faith healing movement. Creating a localized platform for those passionate about healing, those in need of prayer and to testify of what God is doing across the earth!

Here’s How It Works

The Ambulance

If you or someone you know is already walking in the gift of healing or has a healing ministry, sign up as an ambulance. God’s ambulance aims to connect healing ministers with patients. The ambulance starts with one or more people already walking in healing – weather it be on the streets, in hospitals, online or home visits. Often we only hear of or experience healing through ministers in big meetings but we are in need of labourers on the ground to be readily available to lay hands on the sick.
You can be a labourer in one of our ambulances. It would be great if you could put a team together but you can also start an ambulance by yourself and then add others. Either way the ambulance must an should consist of the following elements.

First Responders, rise up and take your seat in God’s Ambulance. Will you answer the call?

Team Leader – Are you sick of seeing people sick and want to do something about it? Be a driver! The driver is the team leader of the ambulance. You are passionate about and are already walking in a measure of healing. You have the drive to go and take others with you on an equipping journey in healing with God’s ambulance. A driver is someone who takes responsibilty to go and pray for the sick. We suggest that you build a dynamic team to take the load off your own shoulders and see your ambulance equipped with first responders that use their gifts to pastor, pray, evangelise and activate healing in your chosen hospitals, streets or marketplaces. Use your leadership ability to steer your team to meet (contend with?) the strongholds over our cities through a ministry that roars with faith and God-given authority.

Paramedic – Paramedic is the element of faith healing understanding our identity as Christ in us – we can heal the sick! Be the Evangelist, Gospel Declarer and Faith Warrior to see strongholds of fear, sickness and death get torn down as you press in with powerful intercession and proclaim life and the Good News over your patients. Let your faith for healing and salvations invade this world! God is the Healer!

Follow Up – Every ambulance needs the follow-up element the nurse represent and ensure the follow up system. Why is it important to follow-up? It is important to let the patients know that they are loved and deeply cared for that they are not just a number but that they matter to God. The nurses are there to ensure that they have been healed and that they continue to stay healed. How to follow up? Follow up will be as simple as reaching out to the patient after prayer and seeing how they are doing and equipping them with any resources eg. Bible verses, Teachings etc. to ensure their continual healing and for any future illnesses. Then relaying that information to the Driver who will let God’s Ambulance know. The nurses will need to fill out the Testimony Form to let us know about any Testimonies.

Prayer – The Fuel represents intercession, prayer and worship. Prayer is an important element whether you do it by yourself, together as a team or even have others to cover your ambulancer. This is important to accomplish what your ambulance is doing and to fulfill this mandate from God. This is the fuel that allows the Ambulance to move and take ground.

Outreach – The element of outreach can look like praying for the sick in a hospital, on the streets, online in homes, over the phone or in the marketplace. The team should come together at least once a week. On Wednesday nights a team from different churches go to Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town South Africa to pray for the sick. Another team meets on Saturdays to go to the streets to pray for the sick and evangelize in the Fish Hoek area. There is another Team of interceders that join once a week to pray together for a hospital and it’s patients. Then there are groups of people who visit houses to pray for the sick. These are all examples of how to get an Ambulance moving but you are not limited to one day or one ministry field. The harvest is ready, send out the harvesters.

Patient – Patient will fill out the Patient Form below and we will distribute it to the God Ambulance nearest them. The Driver’s will be able to add existing or new patients they find on the Driver’s page. The Ambulance Team’s responsibility will be to contact them and pray for them consistently and feverently until they see breakthrough. The Team will be trusted to deeply care for their well being and let the patient know that Jesus can and will heal them. The Team will be required to let us know about any testimony of their healing by returning to this site and filling out the Testimony Form.

Broadcast – Media such as radio and social media will be used for Live Teachings and Prayers for each Patient, Country or Person. We want to see testimonies and news of this divine healing movement distributed through media. It’s essential that people see what God is doing. As a team use your social media profiles to distribute the testimonies and miracles we will be sharing on this website as well as amazing news from around the world about what God is doing and how we are seeing the church arise. Let hope and faith be more contagious than fear and panic.

Need Prayer?

The Word of God says: “By His stripes we are healed” (1 Peter 2:24) and “Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him” (James 5:14-16).

Are you, a family member or a friend battling sickness? You don’t need to fear, Jesus is still the same today and forever. He still heals! Fear is not your portion and we don’t have to carry sickness anymore!  We’d love to pray with you. To submit a prayer request fill out this form today!

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