Did You Know that God's Calendar is Different than Ours? | GOD TV

Did You Know that God’s Calendar is Different than Ours?

Did You Know that God’s Calendar is Different than Ours?
Did You Know that God’s Calendar is Different than Ours?

The Lord’s Calendar

Have you ever imagined how God’s Calendar would look like..? A year would seem like a day to Him or maybe like an hour or what if it was just a minute!!? Nobody has an answer to this but God. And can you believe that He watches over us every millisecond of it. What an awesome God we serve. He is big and glorious. Praise the Lord!
We often whine about how things aren’t falling into place, things not moving forward according to how we thought they should and so on. This is lack of patience. But to a certain extent I would say it’s our unbelief. We lack trust in Our mighty God. I know that these words sound harsh and offensive. You must be thinking, ‘I am a believer, I believe in the Almighty God…then how can it be my unbelief??’ But let me tell you the truth that unknowingly and sadly it is our unbelief that leads us to this impatient way of life. Sometimes we are so caught up in the worldly things that we almost become skeptics towards spirituality.

Think of it this way…

Had we known what’s lined up ahead for us, irrespective of whether it is good or bad for us, would we not believe it and maybe also thank God for showing or revealing the future prospects to us? It would actually help us take the correct approach in life. This would have been undeniable faith but it’s undeveloped faith!

God wants us to have the perfect faith. Which means whatever the circumstances, irrespective of whether the path ahead of us is revealed or still unfolded we should have that surety that things will work in best interest of us. Have a bold and firm conviction. Dare to have a strong and steady reliance! That’s a fully developed faith. That’s the kind of faith God wants us to have.

When God chooses us, He already has our details marked on his calendar. The exact day, the exact time and the moment for our blessings. It’s all set to be released on us. All we have to do is wait patiently unto the Lord. Trust Him. Remember, ‘The Heavens and the Earth will pass away but His word will stand throughout eternity and it shall come to pass.’

The clock is ticking and He knows that. For those who are waiting for things to get right, don’t lose your hope for the Lord has his eyes on you. He is aware about your present situation. Know that God works in mighty ways. We may not understand His puzzle at the moment, but have the assurance that all the right pieces will fall in their designated places in their designated time. He has His calendar up-to-date for each one of us. Keep the faith going!!

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