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Why Is This Valentine’s Harder Than Previous Years?

A relationship is a complimentary add on. You are already complete!

Why Is This Valentine’s Harder Than Previous Years?
Why Is This Valentine’s Harder Than Previous Years?

This Valentine’s seems harder than the previous years, having consecutively been able to ignore the commercialism and palava year after year for about seven years now! Throwing enthusiasm into re-branding it as Gal-entines just for me and my girls or showering my mother with more love than usual. 

This year perhaps because it’s the last Valentine’s of my twenties, I’m hit with so many thoughts. Only six weeks into the new year, with two weddings and three bridal showers in the diary. I often wonder, Should I have taken the advances of the multiple guys of my youth that I enjoyed the chase from but kept them at bay, whilst waiting for what felt to be God’s best?

Am I too picky? Am I not ready? Am I not enough? 

As I began to unpack the reasons, I realise it has nothing to do with me! 

There’s no real criteria or formula for meeting ‘the one’, just one thing:

God’s timing.

At the right time, perhaps unexpectedly the right relationship will find you. 

A relationship isn’t a goal, an achievement or an aim. It’s a complimentary add on. You are already complete.

God delights in all of who you are! Even if you are stripped of everything you have, you are still a child of God who He made in His own image. 

God’s  love for you is so deep…

“I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.”  (Jeremiah 31:3)

There’s absolutely nothing that can separate us from His love. Nothing wrong with desiring companionship – it’s a basic human desire. But don’t let not having a relationship question God’s love for you. 

Never forget that you are loved to your very core. God looks for opportunities to bless you, engulf you in His everlasting love and shower you with His kindness. You are blessed beyond measure! Begin to count your blessings – there are so many of them.  

If the idea of receiving flowers and chocolates on one particular day makes you feel left out somewhat, find a shop that’s doing a great Valentine’s bundle of roses and chocolate and get that! 

You are so precious and so loved!

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