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God’s Perfect Timing And Perfect Plan For Your Family

His ways are better than our ways!

God’s Perfect Timing And Perfect Plan For Your Family
God’s Perfect Timing And Perfect Plan For Your Family

In some of my recent parenting posts, I have mentioned my family’s move and how we were in a time of transition. I have heard moving your family (along with finances and having a baby) is one of the most stressful times in an adult’s life. Well, I am happy to report the stress is (mostly) over and we are getting settled in our new home! We did it! Actually, we didn’t have to do much. God took care of every little detail and worked it out perfectly…as only He can…with His perfect timing.

The Road To Our New Home

It started last year, in January 2019, we decided it would be a good year to think about moving houses.  With three young boys, our small Cape Cod style home was feeling cramped.  Not only that, but we quickly realized when we purchased our home in November 2014, that we lived on a cut-through street. Not ideal for little kids because it is just not very safe to play in the front of the house or anywhere near the street. The cars would fly by! Furthermore, the biggest issue with wanting to move, was that we LOVED our kids’ school. And we did not want to leave the district. Enter: a lot of prayers.

Anytime I was spending a moment in prayer I would give the Lord our moving process.  I would pray He would find us the perfect house in our school district in His right timing.  Giving Him this burden really took the stress out of it for us.  I knew He would provide just like He always does. And even though we had our hearts set on listing our house in the Spring of 2020, we knew His way was greater and His thoughts were higher.  We were waiting for Him.

“‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways,’
declares the Lord.
‘As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts. ‘”

(Isaiah 55:8-9)

The Open House

In January 2020, my friend sent me a picture of a very cute colonial style home, less than a mile form where we lived.  And we could still walk to our same school! She said the house would be listed soon. I told her it looked small, but I would be willing to go to the open house.  Sure enough, in February I attended the open house with a different dear friend who also lived nearby.

We both agreed the house was super cute and would be a great upgrade to our current situation. Not as small as I thought! There was even enough room to put on an addition or another bedroom. The yard was twice as big as our current house and the street was so quiet, the kids could freely play out front.  Though there were some drawbacks, the house was pretty perfect for our little family.

The only downside was the timing. It did not feel like God’s perfect timing because we didn’t feel ready to move.  Our house wasn’t ready to sell and we just didn’t feel like we could pull it together fast enough. Sadly, we had to let the dream die…or did we?

God’s Perfect Timing

In June 2020, we caught wind that houses in our area were flying off the market at amazing prices for the sellers.  See, once COVID-19 hit in March 2020, everyone wanted to move out of NYC and into surrounding suburbs like our area.  Things were moving and interest rates for mortgages were at a record low.  We felt like it was time to take a leap of faith and put our house on the market without anywhere to move to.  We continued to pray and trust in God’s perfect timing. And He did not disappoint.

Within 48 hours of listing our home, we got 5 offers.  We accepted the most appealing one and hoped and prayed a house for us in our school district would pop up. That’s when God revealed His plan to us.

I got a call from the friend that went to the open house with me.  She said, “This is weird, but I don’t think that house we saw ever sold. I still see the same cars in the driveway and it’s been months since the open house. Maybe you should reach out.” So I contacted the friend who had originally told me about the house. She reached out to the seller and found out that the house had never sold.  She had taken it off because of COVID-19 and was going to relist it in the next week! Well, we saw it again, and put in an offer before she even put it on the market! If there is one thing about God’s timing it is this…it is PERFECT.

Perfect Timing: I’ve Got This

God guided us through the home selling and buying process every step of the way.  When there were moments of stress and things didn’t seem like they were going as they should, I remembered His promise.  He had saved this house for us and He wasn’t going to let either deal fall apart.

There was one time at the beginning of the sale process where I thought we might lose our buyers.  See, before we knew about the house we would buy, we asked the buyers to rent our home back to us to make sure we had somewhere to live and an address within our school’s district for the start of school. We didn’t want to be “homeless” and we didn’t want to lose access to our school. But, unfortunately, we couldn’t come to an agreement on the “rent back proposal”. So that part of the deal fizzled and we had to trust God would lead us to our home and our school still. When that happened, I was anxious about all that could go wrong.  But I felt like God was saying, “Don’t forget I saved this house for you, let go of the rent back. Your kids will be starting the school year in the district.  Let it go, I’ve got this.” And so we let it go, and He most definitely had it.

Prayer & Trust

Buying and selling a home or making any sort of milestone decision for your family can be extremely stressful and nervewracking.  There are so many unknowns, so much uncertainty, and we humans try to take the reins. But God calls us to remain faithful and He remains faithful to us through His promises. Start praying for your home, your baby, your job, whatever it may be.  Start praying now.  I promise His perfect timing will reveal itself and one day you won’t even remember what it was like to be without that thing you had hoped for.


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