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God’s Will: Finding Confidence In Prayer And His Word

Learning To Believe In Healthy Ways

God’s Will: Finding Confidence In Prayer And His Word
God’s Will: Finding Confidence In Prayer And His Word

Prayers can go in many directions. First, there is prayer that floods our lives with grace and truth. It uproots sin strongholds with God’s blessings and brings plenty of joy. The answers to these prayers keep us from doubting that God acts on prayer. However,  sometimes when our prayers are humble and truthful. But nothing seems to happen after saying them. As a result, we can be tempted to doubt God. And we think that God did not answer or will not answer the prayers. But, we need to remember to pray for God’s will as well.

Don’t Fall Into Unbelief

If we pray in faith and humility we should not assume that God’s seeming quietness means the prayers fell on deaf ears. God answers all prayers; maybe not exactly like we want. All prayers that end with “Never-the-less not my will but your will be done, oh God” are answered by God. After we pray we must not fall into unbelief. Unbelief after a prayer can rob us of the request that God wants to grant us.

Walk By Faith

We walk by faith not sight. Doubt is a part of the Christian journey because faith can’t exist without it. It teaches us humility because we recognize that there is so much we don’t know. And so much we don’t understand in our lives, relationships, cultures, and in the world. Just because a prayer didn’t immediately bless us with God’s power does not mean it isn’t used by God in building our lives in the present or future. If we embrace unbelief after such a prayer then the devil can steal what we prayed for.

Sometimes after we pray a healthy prayer we fall to fatigue in fighting off the doubts or unbelief. If we feel this burden we need to also carry it to Jesus in prayer. Finally, rest it in His hands believing that He cares for us and will do what is right. Jesus is worthy of this trust.

Praying God’s Will

If we know what God’s will is in certain contexts and pray for it Jesus said to believe that it is ours. As a result, it will be given to us. How do we know God’s will in certain contexts? Jesus said His sheep know His voice. This is a learning curve. Books by Brad Jersak and Mark Virkler are excellent places to start growing in two-way prayer. Remember, know the Christian Scriptures. And believe them. Attempt to keep Jesus commands found in them. Consequntly, we are familiar with God’s voice.

But we can go deeper. The Scriptures are given in part to equip followers to achieve the works God prepared in advance for us to do. The Scriptures are given so we know how Jesus’ voice sounds like. In addition, the Scriptures warn us to stay away from foolish commitments, speculations, and following the devils’ voices. We should not be motivated by unhealthy fears. But by the peace, Jesus gives freely to those who pursue Him. Those committed to love, faith, hope, humility, and peace.

God’s Will: Final Words

As we learn to hear God’s voice we will start out with trusting Jesus’ voice in small things, simple things, and unselfish things. And as we grow in spirit larger things can be pursued. But we need to be open to corrections from the body of Christ Jesus, the warnings found in the Scriptures, and follow the examples found in those same Scriptures.

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